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TrackIR5 - Head Tracking Device

Review: This was on my doorstep 24h after purchase; very impressed with delivery speed. Set up easily and works perfectly with the Track Clip Pro. I can't overstate how naturally and immersively this works.
Author: Jeff K

Just Planes DVD - Air France A340-300

Review: Wow this is an exellent video and I have always had a heart for Justplanes. The first flight has amazing footage of a busy day at CDG and the Bogata approach was very cool. At the end you even see the concorde at takeoff!
Author: Chris Pothering

Just Planes DVD - PenAir

Review: Really liked this DVD. Lots of good aircraft included and for a fan of the Deadliest Catch series on TV, the inclusion of many scenes from the real Dutch Harbor airport. Loved the scenes featuring the Grumman Goose. Get it now. You will love it, especially if you like Deadliest catch series.
Author: D.J.

Vickers VC-10

Review: Fantastic Aircraft. Is it compatible with FSX??
Author: Clive Farrington

Flight Sound X Adapter

Review: You definitely need this box if you want to use your aviation headset on your PC. I think the converter adaptor has its own sound card inside so it delivers great quality audio to the headset, and allows the headset mic to work on your PC. For anyone wanting to use their real aviation set on your computer, this adapter works well. Good also for VATSIM flyers.
Author: Michael

Review: Occasionally you come across a device which really makes your simulation life simpler. I wanted to use the David Clark headset (model H10-13-S) I have owned for sometime in the simulator; however, the two plugs on the headset are the large style plugs suitable for insertion into an appropriate audio module in the real aircraft – not a computer sound card. Flight Sound X The Flight Sound X adapter allows you to use a variety of real aviation headsets with your simulator, to filter out engine and ambient noise and hear and communicate with air traffic control (VATSIM, etc). It’s as easy as plugging in the two plugs from your headset into the device and flying – it is that easy! The device does not require a separate power source, is small, and connects directly to the USB of your computer via a USB cable. WIN7 64 bit recognises the device on start-up and additional software and drivers are not required. A small LED light on the device indicates the unit is operational (red light). Initial device set-up requires you open the sound module in Windows, navigate to the appropriate menu and change a few settings within your sound card to allow sound and microphone ability to be transferred to your headset. Instructions (with pictures) are supplied with the device, so you cannot make a mistake – even if you do not read English. A benefit to using this device is that it’s small and can fit more or less anywhere within your flight deck. Another pleasant surprise is the device’s construction; it is made from aluminium (painted black) rather than plastic. As such, it looks quite attractive and is far more robust than plastic counterparts. Another benefit is the actual placement of the plugs which is at the side of the device rather than at the top of the device. This ensures that your headset cable and plug are not in a position where you may accidentally stand on them! Made in New Zealand The device is made in New Zealand. The Kiwis usually make innovative and functional products – good work New Zealand… This device would have to be the simplest item I have purchased, set-up and used with flight simulator. And it WORKS too! To view more about this device or the B737 project navigate to www.Flaps2Approach.com
Author: Iain Williams

Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel

Review: Pitty it's not on the shelf and have to wait till August, but otherwise quite happy with your service.
Author: Philip Bonnici

Review: I would just like to know if Saitek will be providing drivers for Windows 10 soon. Have bought quite a few panels of theirs from here and will have to upgrade to Windows 10 soon when I build my new system, so just hoping something comes along, will Logitech drivers work maybe their avionic panels all have Win10 drivers. Regards Jack Wildi
Author: Jack Wildi

Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG

Review: Don't kid yourself. This is a SERIOUS joystick/throttle combo. It weighs a massive amount (10+ kg) so its not going anywhere on your desk. Very solid and mostly metal build. Replica of the A-10 aircraft controls and the perfect controller for DCS A-10 Warthog sim pilots. Extremely happy with my unit. I have had it for 12+ months now and no sign of problems. I'd probably have to run it over with my car to break it, and even then... it might break my car instead!! Will buy another in a heartbeat if this one ever breaks down (touch wood).
Author: Jamie Barnes

Agricultural Simulator 2013 (PC-DVD)

Review: This is not a simulator I would normally purchase, being a flight simmer, but my kids happened to see the page when i was browsing and took an interest. Like most kids they want everything they see so I bought a copy from PCA and it arrived the next day, half way across the country (express post). Good service. We loaded it up when it arrived and started farming. My kids (9 and 11) love it, and I have to admit its growing (pun) on me too. Good sim for all ages, and I am sure the kids and I are learning from it too.
Author: Kyle

Just Planes DVD - Florida Coastal Airlines Cessna 402C

Review: A very nice program on FCA! Good scenery of the Florida Keys and the Bahamas from quite low altitude. The air to air shots of the Cessna 402 over the Keys are especially interesting and unusual. The very detailed cockpit presentation and walkaround are very well done and informative. This dvd really illustrates the fact that World Air Routes presents the entire range of airliner types from jumbo jets to twin cessna's with nothing left out. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing, it is much appreciated.
Author: Greg Rowland

Just Planes DVD - Ameristar Jet Charter

Review: The Ameristar dvd is very well done. If you are like me and you really enjoy business jets, you will love this dvd. Captain Malecki displays considerable skill flying both the Learjet and the Falcon in difficult conditions. The landings at Sparta, Georgia (beautiful evening arrival) and Pellston, Michigan (at night in a snow storm) are particularly memorable.
Author: Brian Gustason, USA

Just Planes DVD - Air Nostrum CRJ-1000 & CRJ-900

Review: I always forget how much I like the CRJ family, and this program reminded me what a great airplane it is with such a nice cockpit. The crew was great, nice scenery and the route selection was very well chosen. All the flights were very entertaining, but the approach into Pamplona was the highlight for me. As always, this was another great HD Widescreen production.
Author: Mark Wilson, CANADA

Just Planes DVD - Air Atlanta Icelandic 747+767

Review: If you love the Boeing 767, then this DVD is for you. The Captain gives us an incredible description of what it takes to fly and manage this aircraft. As always its nice to see a classic as well in the 747-200.
Author: Jeff Schapira, CANADA

Class 3700 'City of Truro' for TS2013

Review: One of the best steam representations to date... There are a number of visual effects that aim to improve the realism of the locomotives and the result is pretty spectacular... One of the most pleasing steam experiences you will find today... A myriad of visual effects to improve the overall realism of this highly detailed virtual steam locomotive.
Author: Simulator World magazine

Review: This superb rendition of this famous class has really shown what Just Trains can achieve in the area of steam... The cab view is brilliantly detailed... Mind-blowing textures, cab and sounds... Generous additions of rolling stock that are included in the price.
Author: The RailWorks Magazine

A4 Pacific Class for TS2013

Review: "Definitely a must have... I can definitely say that the A4 does deliver in giving the user a true to life feel of what it would have been like to drive and ride one of these magnificent machines... The sound package that comes with A4 is topnotch... the running gear has been masterfully replicated"
Author: Avsim.com

Review: "Overall it looks and sounds superb... The graphic detail of the locomotives is outstanding... A nice custom cab for the A4s as well as a rather nice sound set... This loco is a personal favourite, beautifully represented"
Author: UKTrainSim.com

GWR Manor Class Addon for TS2013

Review: "An exquisite driving experience that leaves the competition standing in the station... I find myself running out of superlatives to describe the Just Trains Manor... I was immediately impressed by the quality of both the texturing and lighting... Top marks to the developer for giving us an accurate viewpoint for the driver... The ambient cab sounds are matched by equally impressive external sounds... Exceptionally well built model... The loco operation was very close to published figures in performance... The scenarios are extremely well constructed and thought out"
Author: UKTrainSim.com

Just Planes BluRay - Norwegian "Top Of The World"

Review: Extremely satisfied with this program. The crews are very informational. The camera views are amazing it really gives you a perspective into the 737 cockpit. Anyone on the fence regarding the purchase of this program, BUY IT you will not regret it.
Author: Anderlon Brandao

Just Planes BluRay - TMA Twin Otter Paradise Barefoot Pilots

Review: Was a very good Bluray movie Great video of beautiful Maldives - more inflight commentary would have been appropriated and better angles
Author: PETCIN

Airport Simulator (Standalone)

Review: how do I aquire a prd flight sim thanks
Author: joseph hughes

PC Aviator Branded 100% Cotton T-Shirt (Male Cut)

Review: I chose white but please just send one colour each.. e.g. one white and one black. Thanks
Author: jeffson solomon


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