Flashpoint South China Sea

Flashpoint South China Sea

Flashpoint South China Sea

The world is full of zones of conflict and tension. To help understand the geography of this in your flight simulator, nuvecta has created a series of add-ons covering the most important regions of the world where there is conflict of the potential for conflict. Flashpoints adds detail for you to fly in these areas in ways not previously possible with your simulator. It adds no-frills airfields missing from FSX, some with the odd added touch, or ensures the correct location and precise alignment of existing airfields with the real world. It improves other scenery by enhancing towns, villages, hamlets, streams, roads, railways, and coastlines and many other featurse. In some cases it adds precisely located buildings or trees. There are also a few “Easter Eggs” for you to discover and add to the experience!

The first regions released are very topical. The South China Sea appears in the media almost daily. This South China Sea Flashpoint edition helps lay out the islands and reefs for you in detail. Added are numerous airfields missing from FSX and P3D. Most airfields are brand new but some are located more precisely but not many because most of the relevant airfields did not exist or were unknown with certainty when the simulators were first released.

China and numerous other countries have been reclaiming land in the South China Sea where previously there was only sea, reef, and fish life. Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam have been staking competing claims to the resource-rich waters. Some islands already existed but are being rapidly developed. Based on the latest intelligence to hand, Flashpoints brings you all the new facilities in the area in as much detail as possible, plus a start on other areas where China is contesting littoral territory:

  • Cuarteron

  • Dongsha

  • Duncan Island

  • Fiery Cross Reef

  • Gaven Reef

  • Hughes Reef

  • Taiping Island

  • Johnson Reef

  • Orchid Island

  • Layang-Layang (Swallow Reef)

  • Mischief Reef

  • Money Island

  • Natuna Islands

  • Pattie Island

  • Thitu Island

  • Qimei (Penghu Islands)

  • Sin Cowe Island

  • Subi Reef

  • Triton Island

  • Trong Sa (Spratly) Island

  • Woody Island


  • FSX (Acceleration not needed), FSX:SE, P3D v2 and 3, P3D v4

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