Concept Aircraft v4 (FSX)

Concept Aircraft v4 (FSX)

Concept Aircraft v4 (FSX)

Concept Gyro: Supersonic - Gyrocopter.

Autogyro or gyrocopter is called a rotary-wing aircraft and is similar a helicopter in functionality. But the rotor is not an engine, he passively by the wind into rotation (auto-rotation). The buoyancy resulting attend by the resistance of the rotating rotor blade rotor rearwardly inclined surface. The propulsion carried out by turbine force. The 3 blades are oval shaped and can break the sound barrier. Therefore he has supersonic capability. Through a special design, this autogyro for 30 sec. hover on the spot. This time allows for vertical takeoffs and landings.

Swing Concept: Rotor Swing - Helicopter.

Ultra-modern futuristic helicopter that can transform into a jet. Here, the rotors transform into wings in jet mode. Thus he can take off vertically and fly twice the speed of sound. Powering the rotor swing - by 3 helicopter turbine engines with afterburners.

  • Sound
  • Flight Dynamic
  • Afterburner
  • Cannon fire effect (shooting)
  • Swing wing
  • Landlights
  • Extendable land skis including directional microphone
  • New rotor sensor (removable and retractable)
  • Door with rope winch for air rescue
  • Seat covers and new seats
  • Toilets, emergency seats.
  • HUD off switch
  • Switch cockpit
  • Control 3 times.
  • New cockpit instruments behind front seat,
  • Console with keyboard for the WSO


  • Concept Gyro: supersonic - gyrocopter
  • Concept Swing: swing rotor - helicopter
  • Modell "Grey" with Pilot, 2. Offizier and WSO
  • Modell "Black" with Pilot, 2. Offizier and WSO
  • Modell "RED" with Pilot, 2. Offizier and WSO
  • Advanced Dynamic Flight:
    • > 0 to 50% thrust helicopter mode (you can fly in front, side and back)
    • > 50 to 100% thrust helicopter (jet mode is controlled like a jet airplane)
  • Highly developed HUD display with MAP
  • Multifunction touchpad display
  • Animation of the opening of the weapon chamber
  • Animation of complex rotor mechanics with rotor disengagement
  • 2D panel / 3D panel with 1024x1024 px textures
  • Detailed exterior and interior model, including window reflections
  • Cabine model: 6 seats
  • Complete door animations
  • Animation of opening the armory
  • Extensive light effects and exterior lighting
  • Beacon-, Strobes-, Nav-, Landing-, and Taxi- Lights
  • Engine animation with authentic afterburner effect
  • Detailed operating instructions
  • And much more...


  • Old Concept Aircafts


  • FSX (SP1, SP2)
  • DX9 ONLY - NO REFUNDS for incorrectly selected or purchased items.

***If you previously purchased AFS Designs "Supersonic Concept Gyrocopter" you are eligible for the upgrade price of $10.95. Please contact us to request your upgrade code, citing your original gyrocopter order number.

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