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Airplane Stuff 2 - Flight Simulation And More

Airplane Stuff 2 - Flight Simulation And More

Airplane Stuff 2 - Flight Simulation And More

The latest book from Captain Mike Ray - Widely regarded as the best author of flight simulation manuals, Mike has the ability to make complex tasks and explain complex systems in a way that almost anyone can understand. This ability has made Mike's books the #1 top-selling print and digital publications available to flight sim enthusiasts.

But don't take our word for it, grab this latest book in digital PDF format right now and see for yourself. We guarantee you will find the information valuable, and you can read it on your PC, Mac, tablet or any mobile device that can open and view PDF files.

192 8" X 10 " pages of glorious full color illustrations and instructional diagrams accompanied with dense, technical descriptions on how to operate the big iron flight simulators like a pro. Captain Mike Ray has created a document that will keep your riveted to every page .... enormously entertaining and informational. Crammed full of the kind of writing that pilots and flight simmers love to read.

Chapters Include

  • Make a cheap but realistic home cockpit setup
  • 737 NG Simulator - Full Scale Flight
  • Air - How it holds up an airplane and other airmass related stuff
  • How To use The FSX Flight planner
  • Glossary For Flight Simmers as it relateds to MCP, CDU, ECU, EFIS - you get the drift
  • 757/767 Glossary
  • Loading the CDU On The Wilco 737 FMC
  • Simple Plan For Consistently Successful Take Offs
  • How To Do 737 NG Transitions Using Auto Flight
  • TOGA Review
  • Emergency Descent
  • All About Flaps
  • Preparing For A Great landing - Approach
  • Suggestions For Making A Great landing
  • Screenshot Heaven - How To Take Them And More Screenshot Secrets

Enjoy 192 pages of full colour content in large scale with Airplane Stuff 2 Digital PDF Edition. Buy now from PC Aviator and be reading this e-book within minutes of purchase!

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