Convair B-36 Peacemaker

Convair B-36 Peacemaker

Convair B-36 Peacemaker

Take to the FSX and FS2004 skies in this massive bomber from the post-World War II Era and rule the virtual skies!

Convair's B-36 Peacemaker was called a 'MegaBomber' when it was first introduced into service on August 28, 1947.  An enormous aircraft, it was as complex as it was large.  Its 28-cylinder R-4360 engines were the very height of piston technology, and with the addition of the jet pods to later marques to assist with takeoff and top speed, the aircraft became even more complicated.  With its 19-foot propellers and six engines, it produced an Earth-shaking drone that could be felt from 40,000 feet. 

Produced in a wide variety of variants, including unarmed crew trainers, strategic bombers, and reconnaissance bombers, the plane was manufactured for seven years.  The last B-36 was delivered on August 18, 1954, and the type was retired altogether on February 12, 1959.  It was the end of an era.

For FSX (native, not a portover) and FS2004 only


  • Includes B-36B and B-36H exterior models (only H model has the jet engines)
  • Full FSX model with all FSX features (bump mapping, self-shadowing, bloom etc)
  • Two high-detail SAC bare-metal/magnesium reflective texture sets
  • Full soundset included with unique prop/jet mix, based on recording of real B-36
  • Authentic virtual cockpit with animations and mousable controls
  • Bombardier's area included in v-c
  • Highly authentic flight model with illustrated checklist
  • Animated extendable/retractable gun turrets (3 pairs of turrets)
  • Animated bomb bay with textured interior
  • Authentic undercarriage structure and animations
  • 5 realistic crew figures in SAC clothing, togglable
  • Automatic, realistic smoke effects
  • Authentic 2D panel with xml gauges, custom pop-ups, fully mousable with night illumination
  • Additional lower-poly AI model included
  • Source .pds layered texture files available for easy repaints
  • Working landing lights
SIZE (Mb) 47
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