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Video Tutorial - Using GPS For Instrument Approaches

Video Tutorial - Using GPS For Instrument Approaches

Video Tutorial - Using GPS For Instrument Approaches

Using GPS for Instrument Approaches is an instructional video made by expert flight simmers and professional aviators. Everything is explained in easy-to-follow English with graphical animations. 

“I made my flight-sim videos to enable my fellow flight simmers to enjoy this hobby as much as I do by simulating flight as realistically as possible,” explains author Bill Stack. “I sincerely believe you will enjoy using my videos.”

Use GPS to Follow Published Instrument Approahces!

  • Select, load, and activate published instrument approaches
  • Choose transition points
  • See your approaches in the GPS screen
  • Follow your approaches by GPS
  • Use autopilot to guide through the approaches
  • And much more

Enjoy the Advantages of GPS Navigation

  • Your GPS shows your approach path and data.
  • You can access detailed data about your approach.
  • You can allow GPS to follow the approaches.
  • Or you can maneuver through the approaches yourself.
  • You can change approaches if necessary.
  • And many more skills.

Learn From an Instructional Video

  • Scripted and edited narration
  • Separate screens for each step
  • Animated highlights for key concepts
  • Succinct explanations for everything
  • Crystal clear audio quality

Focus and Limits

  • Focuses on published instrument approaches.
  • Explains Garmin 500® in Microsoft Flight Simulator®
  • For home flight simulation
  • Does not cover basic GPS usage.
  • Does not explain everything about IFR.
  • Not for real-world aviation.

Compatible With Popular Software and Operating Systems

Uses common video players such as Microsoft Media Player, RealPlayer, and WinAmp.

Instructions for use are included.

Using GPS for Instrument Approaches is an advanced topic. To benefit from this video, you need to know how to use a GPS device and how to simulate instrument flight. Using GPS for navigation is explained in my video, Navigating With GPS. Simulating instrument flight is explained in my book, Instrument Flying for Flight-Sim Pilots

Includes Free V-Speed Card

  • Most common general aviation V-Speeds
  • Minimums, maximum, and optimums
  • Listed by abbreviation alphabetically on one side
  • Listed by abbreviation by relative speed on other side
  • Clearly described
  • Applies universally, not to any particular aircraft
  • Free with purchase of this flight-sim video

Satisfaction Guaranteed
I know you will enjoy this video and you will be glad you have it because I invest a lot of time and effort toward making quality products that are useful to people. That is why I can guarantee your satisfaction. If this video is not as I describe, your money will be refunded. - Bill Stack

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