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OZx (Australia) Version 3.4 DVD

OZx (Australia) Version 3.4 DVD

OZx (Australia) Version 3.4 DVD

Disk includes latest Version 3.4 Updates.

OZx is a bunch of talented and dedicated scenery developers, aircraft painters and technical support crew who produce freeware scenery and freeware aircraft repaints for FSX. With an emphasis on small air strips and GA aircraft, our aim is to make 'low and slow' flying around Australia and the US the best possible experience.

Over the last couple of years we have produced more than 370 airstrips across the length and breadth of Australia, plus a number of scenery POI's to supplement VFR flying More recently we have expanded our offerings to include the US and Italy. In addition the group produces aircraft repaints which specialise in Aussie registered aircraft and our site hosts repaints from external contributors.

Our air strips are designed to co-exist within ORBX's FTX scenery, both the Australian and the expanding US packages. Though it is not required, we suggest that for the best experience of our scenery, you would do well to have the ORBX packages.

We have an active forum and would love your involvement. Welcome to bush flying OZx style!
The OZx forums and website can be found at http://aussiex.org

NOTE: OZx scenery is FREEWARE, and can be download from the website mentioned above.

There is well over 3.6Gb of downloads on this disc.

PC Aviator Australia is offering all current OZx download releases on disc to save you the time, download bandwidth/data, and effort if you have no, or slow internet connections. It is supplied at minimal profit with permission from OZx. The sale price includes free standard shipping anywhere in the world. A component of the purchase price is offered back to OZx as a donation.

NEW! The OZx DVD now includes Ken Hall's fantastic YMRY Moruya Airport scenery package (included with permission). It's a simply superb recreation of this airport and well above payware quality!

For technical assistance, please visit the OZx forums at the website listed above. PC Aviator cannot provide technical support for this product. 
Basic instructions for installation will be included in a text file on the disc supplied. Be sure to read them first before installing this scenery. It is a multi-step installation and must be done correctly to avoid problems.
We recommend you check the OZx website regularly as this disc version supplied may not contain the absolute latest releases for the product.

SIZE (Mb) 3.6Gb
Our Price: AUD $9.85

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