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Super Traffic Board For Flight Simulator X

Super Traffic Board For Flight Simulator X

Super Traffic Board For Flight Simulator X

Super Traffic Board gives you new and exciting ways of interacting with your AI traffic. Supporting all FSX AI packages, STB includes specially configured content for Just Flight Traffic, MyTrafficX, ORBX/FTX, Ultimate Traffic and World of AI with others to follow soon.

In addition to displaying basic arrivals and departure flight details, STB categorizes aircraft according to the operator (offering unique interpretations for Passenger, Cargo, Military and GA flights), shows flight numbers and IATA codes where available, displays real world airport names and reports advanced information including allocated runways, speed, altitude and distance of each flight from the airport.

Taking interactivity to a new level, through STB you can monitor approach airspace and automatically resolve conflicts that might otherwise result in go-arounds, dynamically optimize your traffic volumes across airports for the best possible performance, follow a flight from departure airport to destination and order flights to begin departure procedures immediately. Old favorites like View AI and Delete AI are included too.


  • Interactive airport passenger style flight information board, and much more.
  • Supports all AI packages. Configuration data included for Just Flight Traffic (and Traffic 2005), MyTrafficX, ORBX Full Terrain Experience (FTX), Ultimate Traffic and World of AI. Further packages configured on request.
  • Real time advanced information including actual airport names, runway allocation, speed, altitude, and distance from airport.
  • Displays all AI flights under simulation including Passenger, Cargo, Military and GA operations each with their own unique interpretation.
  • Approach Control. Detects airspace conflicts in approaching aircraft, and moves aircraft “breaking the rules” to an arrival stand rather than leaving them to be deleted by Flight Simulator.
  • Optimize Traffic. Reduce your traffic volumes dynamically for the best possible simulator performance.
  • Flight Information. Find out where an arrival flight is going next.
  • View AI. See any aircraft in Flight Simulator by selecting a flight on the board.
  • Follow AI. Automatically follow an AI aircraft from departure to arrival, and on to the next leg in its schedule.
  • Chase AI. Moves your aircraft to the vicinity of an AI aircraft, allowing you to fly "escort".
  • Order aircraft to begin their departure procedures immediately rather than at their scheduled time.
  • Automatically configure departing AI aircraft to deploy flaps for take off.
  • Support for Airline and Airport Logos.
  • Network support included as standard. Use on a separate PC/Laptop from your main FSX computer.
  • Highly customizable via a dedicated GUI.
  • 50+ Page User Guide.
  • User interface available in US English, UK English and Swedish.
  • Designed from the ground up as a native FSX application.


  • Windows XP SP2 or later
  • Windows Vista 32 bit, SP1 or later.
  • Windows Vista 64 bit, SP1 or later.
  • Microsoft .NET V2
  • Flight Simulator X, RTM, SP1, (Recommended) SP2 or Acceleration.


  • If used on the same computer as Flight Simulator, FS must be run in windowed mode. FS may be used in full screen mode of STB is installed on another networked computer.
  • While SuperTrafficBoard is the active window, Flight Simulator temporarily disables sound. This means you may not be able to hear aircraft sounds, ATC voices, etc. until Flight Simulator becomes the active window again. This is a Microsoft “feature” and has been reported to them although since FSX development is frozen a fix is not expected. Workarounds are available; see the user guide for more details.
  • Product advertising screenshots show logos for airlines and airports. As logos are typically copyrighted to and trademarks of their owners, they cannot be included with a commercial product such as SuperTrafficBoard. However you may wish to create or collect your own logos and add those to STB. Please see www.supertrafficboard.com for recommendations.
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