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Computer Pilot Magazine - Volume 11 Issue 2 - February 2007

Computer Pilot Magazine - Volume 11 Issue 2 - February 2007

Computer Pilot Magazine - Volume 11 Issue 2 - February 2007
In This Issue.....

The Ultimate Dogfight ? Airbus vs Boeing
Captain Mike Ray looks at the similarities and differences between the two major airline manufacturers in the world and discusses why he prefers one over the other.

Updating FMS Databases
No doubt many of us have struggled with trying to update the information on our favorite FMS devices included in popular add-on aircraft. David Ison shows you how it is done!

  • MyTrafficX
  • Fly The MD-11
  • Fligth Calculator
  • Real Air SF.260

    Flying Pole to Pole
    Having recently completed a successful flight from Sydney to Honolulu in a Cessna (see last month?s issue) I wondered what I could do next? Well the obvious choice was a round-the-world flight, but maybe one with a difference. How about a trip from one pole to the other?

    Importing Aircraft into FSX ? Part II
    In part I, we gave some basic guidelines for converting aircraft from previous versions of Flight Simulator to FSX. Here in part II we?ll describe some of the more common problems and their solutions.

    Sim Bloopers & Omissions
    ?Are you having fun with FSX? After all the hype and anticipation I find my expectations went sort of flat! I think the scenery is very good in some places and the planes are OK too, but some things were just left out that would be an Omission. Then there are just plain good old mistakes, which I call Bloopers!¸

    FSX Choppers!
    ?Approaching the oil rig I noted the winds. Our heading had been a solid 330 degrees and the winds were from 120 with gusts to 25. Landing on the rig would require some skill, but fortunately there were no derricks to contend with on the approach. I swung the Jet Ranger around the rig on my recon?all it takes is one wire strike to ruin your whole day?and set up for an into the wind approach, with a slight left front quartering component.¸

    Pirates of the World Wide Web
    Glamorous? not so? Infamous? not so? There are no Robin Hoods on the internet! THEY seem to think of themselves as modern Robin Hoods, but in all reality they are just as Ámistaken? as the next car thief, burglar, counterfeiter or drug dealer!

    High Altitude Flight
    In this article we?ll concentrate on small general aviation airplanes with non-turbocharged reciprocal engines. When it comes to flying those types at high altitudes, let?s say above 5,000 ft, there are things we need to consider that we may largely ignore at the lower altitudes?

    Cockpit Building Series - Making Your Own Realistic Rudder Pedals!
    Rudder pedals are a vital piece to your simulation experience. Most airplanes and helicopters have some kind of foot pedals to control the yaw axis. If you are simming without them, you are missing a big part of flying. So if you do not own a set of pedals yet, now maybe the time to build your own set.

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