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GoFlight (GF-166) Versatile Radio Panel

GoFlight (GF-166) Versatile Radio Panel

GoFlight (GF-166) Versatile Radio Panel

The GoFlight GF-166 Versatile Radio Panel is designed to look and operate like many of today's real-world NAV/COM counterparts.
The GF-166 offers sophisticated looks and an unprecedented level of functionality in a 2" tall rack-mountable configuration.

The GF-166 can simulate the following type of avionics: COM - 1 COM - 2 NAV - 1 NAV - 2 ADF TRANSPONDER
When used as a COM, NAV, or ADF radio, the GF-166's dual 6-digit displays allow tuning of a standby frequency, and a transfer button activates the newly-tuned frequency.

Software included with the GF-166 makes it tightly integrated and fully compatible with Flight Simulator 98, 2000, 2002, 2004 and Flight Simulator X.

This section describes a few of the functions that the GF-166 can perform for you during a simulated flight.  

Using the COM1 or COM2 functions, you can use the GF-166 to tune communication radio frequencies to interact with air traffic control, if your flight simulator supports an air traffic control feature.  When in COM1 or COM2 mode, the left-hand numeric display on the GF-166 shows the Active Frequency (the one currently tuned), and right-hand display shows the Standby Frequency. To tune a new frequency, you adjust the Standby Frequency using the rotary knobs on the panel.  The large knob adjusts the MHz portion of the frequency, and the small knob adjusts the kHz portion.  The center function button, positioned between the two displays, acts as Frequency Swap button, moving the standby frequency to the left-hand display, and vice-versa.  This allows you to listen for messages on one frequency while tuning another, a feature of most real-world aircraft communications radios in use today.

Transponder (XPDR)
With the GF-166 in XPDR mode, you can “squawk” a 4-digit ID code for in-flight tracking by an air traffic control center.  The right hand display on the GF-166 shows the currently-set Squawk Code.  The large knob adjusts the first two digits of the code, and the smaller knob adjusts the second two digits.  In XPDR mode, the left-hand display and center function button are not used. 

NAV1/NAV2 Radio Toggle
One of the functions assignable to a Left or Right Function button selection is NAV1_NAV2_TOGGLE .  This is a useful function which allows you to operate both NAV1 and NAV2 radios on a single GF-166 unit.  When this function is assigned to either of these buttons, the LED next to the button will be lit when the panel is in NAV1 mode, and unlit when the panel is in NAV2 mode.

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MEDIA Modular Hardware Panel
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