PC Aviator Australia :: Ultimate Airline Crew 2014 (FSX+P3D)

Ultimate Airline Crew 2014 (FSX+P3D)

Ultimate Airline Crew 2014 (FSX+P3D)

Ultimate Airline Crew 2014 (FSX+P3D)

Are you wanting to add some audio ambience and realism to your next airline flight? Ultimate Airline Crew 2014 may be just what you are looking for. Compatible with FSX and P3D (all versions). This package includes English speech and audio that is new to this version, as well as other voice sets.

FSPS's Airline Crew 2014 is an application that adds English prerecorded voices for all announcements that are made to the passengers from both command crew and cabin crew.

It accompanies the user from start to finish announcing every bit of what a big airline does on its flights. From the "Welcome aboard" to "Welcome to our destination" messages, everything in between is included.

The announcements are 'triggered' by events, easily configured with a wizard so the application can be considered "start and forget", and it is so light in software influence that it will have zero impact on frame rates or in PC performance in general.

Ladies and Gentlemen ... welcome aboard!

Main Features:

  • English recorded human voices for both the Captain and the Flight Attendant.
  • German, Spanish, French and Italian languages also included using computer-generated recordings.
  • Imperial or Metric recordings are used for announcements where the Captain provides altitude and speed details to passengers midflight.
  • Announcements triggered by configurable actions:
    • Doors closed
    • Welcome message (Flight Attendant)
    • Safety announcements
    • Prepare for T/O (Pilot and F/A)
    • Cabin Lights Off for takeoff and landing – when applicable
    • Welcome midflight message by pilot giving flight details like altitude and speed
    • Seat belts off/on message
    • Seat belts on due to turbulance message
    • Started descent/approach message
    • Prepare for landing (Pilot and F/A)
    • After landing welcome to destination
  • Configurable selection of sound device that will play all messages
  • Speakers configuration (all channels , rear channels etc)
  • Voices volume configuration to match the background aircraft "noise" as you wish
  • Adjustable speech rate for the computer generated voices
  • And more...

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Windows: XP SP3 / Vista / Win 7 – 32 or 64 bit/ Win 8
  2. A sound device with speakers or headphones
  3. 128MB RAM
  4. Flight Simulator X – Prepar3D v1 – Prepar3D v2
  5. Microsoft's NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  6. Latest Version of FSUIPC by Peter Dowson. (Registered or unregistered)
  7. Up and running internet connection for activation and license checking of the product (done on each application start-up) .
  8. A PDF viewer of your choice for reading the manual.

Limitations: One working installation at a PC at any given time per license . (Checked via online validation after every installation, and on every program start-up) - No refunds given.

SIZE (Mb) 50
NOTES No refunds given on this title
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  • Author: Darryl Prime
    What can I say but WOW. I was thinking this program was not going to be good but I was so wrong. Very easy to setup with settings for Welcome, Take off, Landing, Doors, Safety, seat belts, Arrival, Approaching and more. This little program is a setup and forget. All you have to do is have it running in the back ground that's all. All its really missing is gear down/up call outs and flap settings. The audio gets its trigger by closing doors/Starting engines/Landing lights and so on. Why buy 1 add 'on per plane when this one will do all of them.

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