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Sydney Professional X Version 2.0

Sydney Professional X Version 2.0

Sydney Professional X Version 2.0

Sydney International Airport (YSSY) is upgraded with this scenery package for Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 2004 from AUscene, and available via Instant Download (or with disc backup) from PC Aviator Australia.

New Version 2.0 updated April 2014 (for FSX version) includes the following new additions and fixes:
(FS2004/FS9 version does not include these updates)

  • Virgin Terminal expansion added
  • Redesigned Aerobridges for T2
  • Redesigned executive apron area
  • New Apron lights
  • New Apron Splash effects
  • Redesigned AFCAD
  • Bug fixes

Note for existing owners of AUScene Scenery Professional V1 - You can upgrade to Version 2.0 free of charge. Simply re-download the package from your original v1 download links to obtain the new Version 2,0.
All new customers automatically receive the latest Version 2.0 package.

Sydney Kingsford Smith International (YSSY) is the main domestic and international airport for Sydney, also serving as a major hub for Qantas. YSSY is one of the world’s top ranking international airport in terms of passenger traffic handled, recently in 2011, the airport was ranked 31st busiest in the worlds in terms of passenger traffic.

Sydney Professional X was designed to improve the default FSX provided scenery which in summer even has sand around the airport.

The first major difference you’ll notice is the photoreal 50cm aerial photo covering the entire airport. I used this as a base to build up the surrounding areas such as the heliport, McDonalds, the old control tower and many other key features around the airport.

Attention to detail has been a major factor during the development of Sydney Professional X. The level of detail extends right down to individual people filling up their cars in the petrol station, birds flying around the airport and even (while on approach) you’ll have cars driving around on the roads. All this has been included while being mindful of scenery performance to ensure minimal impact on frame rates, which around YSSY in the sim by default and less than stellar.

Features include:

  • FSX and FS9 Versions included for the one price
  • 50cm HD-resolution ground textures
  • Licensed Aerial Image
  • Accurate airport buildings
  • Numerous surrounding buildings such as petrol stations, McDonalds, Krispy Kreames, and hire car buildings are included
  • Detail right down to moving air vents on top of terminals
  • Accurate AFCAD with real life airline movement assignments
  • Water effect on all runways and taxiways
  • Accurately modelled heliport and GA area
  • High quality textures - both photo-real and hand-painted
  • Accurate real-life gate placements and models
  • Photo-real terminal textures
  • Photo placement of trees to exact real-life position
  • Oil marks at gates
  • The Old Control Tower
  • Living environment
  • Dynamic moving road traffic
  • Flashing runway warning lights
  • 3D street lights
  • ILS poles with 3D lights
  • International freight shipping terminal

Minimum System requirements:

  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Microsoft Flight Simulator 9
  2. Pentium 2.0 GHz
  3. 1024 MB RAM
  4. Graphic card with at least 256 MB

 Special Installation Instructions Required
Please note that this scenery needs to be added to the Flight Simulator Scenery library manually after installation. Instructions to do this are provided in the PDF documentation included in your download file. The scenery will not show in Flight Simulator until the product has been added to your Flight Sim Scenery Library.

SIZE (Mb) 275
AUTHOR Aaron Clark
NOTES New Version 2.0 for FSX
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  • Author: Steve Southey
    A very good representation of Sydney. The terminal placement, taxiways and ancillary objects is that of the real world. Friendly framerates and realism make this a worthy addon on for those flying into/around Australia

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