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Sennheiser X320 Headset for Xbox 360

Sennheiser X320 Headset for Xbox 360

Sennheiser X320 Headset for Xbox 360

One of the highest quality audio headset brands in the world is Sennheiser. They produce headsets for commercial, military and consumer use. Common to all platforms is the outstanding audio quality exhibited in almost every headset they produce.

The X320 headset from Sennheiser is designed to be compatible with the Microsoft Xbox 360 console. If you have an Xbox 360 console, or your kids do, and you want to play without bothering everyone in the house with the sound output, these X320 headsets are the perfect choice for keeping everyone, including the gamer happy! Not only will they experience in-game audio at a quality not possible from TV speakers, but the inbuilt high-quality microphone will allow you, or them, to communicate with their Xbox 360 pals online during games via the Xbox live system.

Features include:

Quality Audio
The X320 headset offers a massive frequency response range of 15-23,000 Hz, meaning the wearer will hear everything from the very highest, to the very lowest sound range output in full amplified stereo sound. The bass boost switch allows even heavier bass output, but is selectable, so you do not need to enable it if you do not want it.

Dual Volume Control
The Sennheiser X320 headset allows you to independantly set volume for the game output, as well as the chat function. Can't hear what your friends are saying during a heated online battle? Simple, turn down the game volume, and up the chat volume. Problem solved!

Durable, Comfortable Headband and Earpieces
Fabric covered foam earpieces provide excellent comfort in use. Users should not exhibit excessive pressure over their ears with the X320 headset (unlike others on the market). The quality construction offers very few true "weak" points in the design, meaning your X320 headset will not fall apart like other low-quality headset designs. 

Gamers Microphone
There is nothing more frustrating when you can't hear a buddy online due to them using an inferior quality microphone, and nothing more frustrating for them when you do the same! This won't be an issue with the X320. The microphone delivers good clarity in voice comms and uses noise cancelling technology to eliminate background noise transfer. In addition, when the mic boom arm is lifted, the microphone is muted, so a quick flick of the boom arm is all that is needed to silence your mic. No more fiddling along cables looking for the mute switch, or locating a mute button on the headset in a dark room.

Long Cables!
The 4m cables included mean you can sit back at a comfortable distance from the screen while enjoying the benefits of your new Sennheiser X320 headset.

Manual and setup guide included.

If you are serious about improving your Xbox 360 sound, or just want to produce less noise pollution in your home, the Sennheiser X320 headset is a premium quality headset at a less than premium price tag. Grab one now for yourself or your Xbox360-loving family members and experience the difference with Sennheiser audio.

Weight 0.85 kg
MEDIA Headset with Mic
Normally: AUD $159.95
Our Price: AUD $39.95

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