PC Aviator Australia :: RAS Helicopter Missions Volume 1 (FSX)

RAS Helicopter Missions Volume 1 (FSX)

RAS Helicopter Missions Volume 1 (FSX)

RAS Helicopter Missions Volume 1 (FSX)

This collection of missions from Roussillon Aero Simulation gives you the chance to fly the 3 default helicopters in FSX on some fun and challenging tasks.

Fly 3 missions with the Robinson R22. You will have to transport a VIP at Cannes in the south of France, fly over the Tasman Sea in New-Zealand and transport a scientist on Lake Victoria in Africa. During those missions you may be asked to perform sub-tasks, so be ready for anything!

Fly 3 missions with the Bell JetRanger at San Francisco as a journalist, over the Faeroe Island where some islands have to be re-supplied by helicopter, and fly at Kalmar in Sweden on rescue services.

Fly 3 missions with the Agusta-Westland EH101 including one at Dutch Harbor where you will experience very bad weather and undertake deck landings. Search for a missing person at Wapusk National Park in Canada (Manitoba), and hand them to the police. On another mission, a F18 hornet of the US Navy was shot down over the ex-Yugoslzvia. Take off from Italy to search and rescue the pilot before he could be captured by some rebels.

More Detailed Mission Descriptions:

Missions with the Robinson R22

  • Mission at Cannes (France) : You have to transport some VIP on their holidays place.
  • Missions at Stratford (New-Zealand). A fisher man did not embark on his fishing boat. You have to fly him to his boat over the Tasman Sea. There is an other mission if you want to do it. The mission is very long. Do not forget to save it.
  • Mission at Narok (Kenya) : You will fly at a high altitude for the piston engine R22 helicopter. Be aware of your power limitations at these heights. 

Missions with the Bell JetRanger

  • Mission at San Francisco : You will have to do some flights in really bad weather.
  • Mission at the Faeroes islands : Very long mission with a very hard deck landing on a ferry.
  • Mission at Kalmar (Sweden): Still flights at very low altitude where you will give a hand to the fire brigade to fight a forest fire.

Missions with the Agusta-Westland EH101

  • Mission at Dutch Harbor (Alaska - USA) : The weather conditions are very bad. You will have to do a deck-landing by night. If you accept second mission, you will need to keep within a 15 sq. km area or risk mission failure. If you exceed this limit you will not be able to finish the mission.
  • Mission at Churchill (Manitoba - Canada). You will have to find some tourists, then find a battle-cruiser over Hudson Bay. To find the ship, as soon as you have passed the “Hudson Bay” checkpoint, head to the north for about 20 Nm then head to 030 for about 10Nm. You should then find the boat.
  • Adriatic mission. You will have 3 deck-landing to do. Attention - the last deck landing has to be done on the rear top platform. If you don’t land there the mission will not end. To find the pilot, do not hesitate to fly about 10 Nm north of the "Research area". After that you may have a surprise. If you follow the instructions, all will be ok.

No need for any extra aircraft or scenery add-ons to use this mission pack, just install and play. Good flights and have fun.

Requires Microsoft Flight Simulator X with Service Pack 2 installed (or the Acceleration Expansion Pack - aka GOLD Edition).

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  • Author: Kyle
    These missions are fairly basic and best suited to a new flight simmer or helicopter pilot. Those chopper fans looking for more challenges should probably stay clear. But if you are just looking for simplified, easy missions to fly helicopters with, then this download is probably worth a try. I found them quite easy to fly and the goals quite achievable. Your mileage may vary.

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