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RAF Vulcan Boxed DVD (FSX/FS2004/FS2002)

RAF Vulcan Boxed DVD (FSX/FS2004/FS2002)

RAF Vulcan Boxed DVD (FSX/FS2004/FS2002)

The Avro Vulcan’s beautiful lines and distinctive shape make it an icon of cold-war aviation. The Vulcan first flew in 1952, entered RAF service in 1957 and the final Vulcan flight was back in 1993. Thankfully, the last of these milestones has changed - Vulcan XH558 is airborne again thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund grant and the tireless work of its dedicated fans.

Now updated for FSX compatibility, RAF Vulcan includes a faithful model from acclaimed developers PSS of XH558 as it appears currently, an additional eight all-new liveries from some of the aircraft involved in the Falklands conflict of 1982, and some of the preserved aircraft in the UK.

RAF Vulcan contains a total of eighteen examples in different Squadron liveries and with different model variations, including the 2K air-to-air refuelling tanker variant and  those carrying the Blue Steel British nuclear cruise missile, the Shrike anti-radar missile as used in the Falklands, and the ‘project cancelled’ Skybolt missiles.

RAF Vulcan is officially licensed by the Royal Air Force.

While we have made every effort to update RAF Vulcan as completely as possible, unfortunately a few features of RAF Vulcan do not function in all the host sims:

  • RAF Cottesmore scenery is only available in FS2002 and FS2004
  • The one-button ‘quick start’ function only operates in FS2002 and FS2004
  • Autopilot is only available in FS2002, FS2004 and FSX (but not FSX with Acceleration and/or Service Pack 2 installed) 

18 Models Included

  • Vulcan B2 XH537 of 230 OCU (Operational Conversion Unit) in early '60s 'Anti-flash' paint scheme with the experimental Skybolt air-launched nuclear missile

  • Vulcan B2 XH558 in its last RAF service paint scheme

  • Vulcan B2 XH558 1960 white 'Anti-flash' paint scheme
  • Vulcan B2 XH558 1970
  • Vulcan B2 XH558 1981 27 Squadron
  • Vulcan B2 XH558 2007 first flight livery
  • Vulcan K2 tanker XH558
  • Vulcan B2A XJ824. Housed at IWM Duxford
  • Vulcan B2 XL321 617 Squadron in 1963 all-white 'Aati-flash' paint scheme with Blue Steel missile
  • Vulcan B2 XL391. The first 301-engined Vulcan. Ex-Black Buck scrapped in January 2006 at Blackpool Airport
  • Vulcan B2 XL426. Based at Southend airport and carries out taxi runs. The former Vulcan display flight partner of XH558
  • Vulcan B2 XL443 83 Squadron in 1969 paint scheme with Blue Steel missile
  • Vulcan B2 XM594. Housed at the Newark Air Museum
  • Vulcan B2 XM597 44 Squadron in Falklands paint scheme with Shrike missiles as used in the famous 'Black Buck' missions during the Falklands conflict
  • Vulcan B2 XM607 THE Black Buck Vulcan housed at RAF Waddington
  • Vulcan B2 XM612 101 Squadron
  • Vulcan B2 XM655 Based at Wellesbourne Mountford airfield and carries out taxi runs
  • Vulcan B2K XH561 50 Squadron in Falklands paint scheme with tanker modifications including distinctive rear cable reel housing, as used for the Falklands 'Black Buck' missions.


The highly detailed Gmax models feature numerous animated parts, including:

  • Landing gear (including gear compression, hanging undercarriage bogies and nose wheel steering)
  • Elevons
  • Rudder
  • Bomb bay doors (fully detailed interior with additional fuel tank)
  • Crew hatch (displays the crew access ladder when on the ground)
  • Air brakes
  • Beacon Lights
  • Engine compressor fan blades
  • Braking parachute

Visual model features

  • 3D modelled reflective glass windows
  • Reflection mapping
  • Specular highlighting
  • Individually switched lighting: navigation lights, beacons and instrument gauge lights


As well as an accurate 2D instrument panel, RAF Vulcan features a fully detailed Virtual Cockpit with:

  • High-resolution gauges
  • Animated control stick
  • Animated rudder pedal
  • Animated throttle levers
  • Reflective glass on gauge faces

Flight dynamics

The flight dynamics have been engineered and tested by Squadron Leader David Thomas, Vulcan display Pilot.

Other features

  • Superb, realistic and very noisy sound set!
  • Repaint kit included
  • FSX specific multi-views included

System Requirements:

  • FSX, FS2004, FS2002 Standard or Professional
  • 2.0GHz PC (3.0GHz for FSX)
  • 512Mb RAM (1.0Gb for FSX)
  • 128Mb+ 3D graphics card
  • Windows 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • Hard disk space: 2.0Gb
  • DVD-ROM drive

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NOTES See Description for Version Limitations Before Purchasing
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Our Price: AUD $59.95

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