PC Aviator Australia :: No Download Links or Registration Codes?

No Download Links or Registration Codes?

No Download Links or Registration Codes?

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If you have ordered a downloadable product from our store, we send you via email both the download links and any registration codes. We also send a Tax Invoice via email. On occasion, some customers may not receive these emails or their email app or ISP may block these emails or incorrectly treat them as spam or junk. Please check your email SPAM or JUNK folder in case those order emails have ended up there.

If you cannot find your order emails or registration codes via email, you can access these via any web browser at any time after your order has been successfully placed. Please follow this step-by-step guide to retrieve your download links and any registration codes associated with your purchased download product:

  1. Log into the web store as normal (with the account details used to place the order)
  2. Once logged in, look in the right-hand column near the top for the “Orders History” link, and click that
  3. Now search for your order, or just select “All Dates” and press the Search button.
  4. Your list of orders under your logged in account will appear.
  5. Click on the Order Number on the left hand side, which will bring up the Tax Invoice for the order.
  6. On the Tax Invoice in the “Products Ordered” section, there will be a Download Link available to click on for each ordered item if you need to download the software.
  7. If there is a registration code required for the download, this is also listed directly under each Download Link. Please note that not every download item requires a registration code. If none is showing for your order, chances are it does not require one. If no code is listed and the item purchased definitely requires one, you will need to contact us so we can get you a code (we may have temporarily run out of codes for that item and need to request more from the publisher of the product).

Note that this information is available to you at any time, and accessible via a web browser, and is a great way of recalling your order details.


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