Mission: Combat Force

Mission: Combat Force

Mission: Combat Force

The new features of Flight Simulator X make this a compelling platform for scripted missions.

Developers Ron Jeffers and Phil Castellanos have teamed up with Dave Eckert and Frank King to produce Mission: Combat Force. It is sure to keep you rivited to your cockpit seat. Ron is well-known for his special effects, scenery design and audio skills. Phil has written many tutorials about making FSX missions. Dave and Frank have produced numerous aircraft for many of our prior add-ons. Together they have developed exciting new missions that take advantage of FSX's new capabilities.

For these missions, you'll be piloting the A-10 Thunderbolt II, commonly known as the "Warthog".

The Aircraft
An A-10 Warthog - the aircraft that provides your combat force. Features a highly realistic aircraft model with plenty of visual detail inside and out.

The Missions


  • A-10 Weapons Training - This mission is designed to get you familiar with the various weapons available to you. The Warthog lets you fire guns, missiles and bombs. You'll get lots of practice - you'll be needing it for the subsequent missions.
  • Amazon Drug Cartel - You are sent to a location on the Amazon River by boat to join up with your team--which was shipped ahead on a barge that conceals the A-10 aircraft. The A-10 is hoisted onto the deck of the barge and other barges are joined together to make a makeshift runway for the mission to quell a drug cartel rebellion in local country...You\'ll pilot this boat up to the barge and takes over the A-10. Can you take out the drug king pin before he detonates his nuke?
  • The Cold War Turns Hot - A sinnister cold war plot has been uncovered by German secret agents. During the cold war years, hardliners recruited westerners to join hate groups. They trained them in tank tactics, engineering and surface to air missiles in the east. They were sent back to the west with smuggled tank parts, equipment and SAMs to secret locations near airbase, hiding out and assembling them in places like old barns. The hardliner\'s goal was to use this group as the head of the spear against our air bases here and make it easier for their main invasion. This group, now known as the German Protection Union, has a bold, new leader. The secret agents discovered this nest and had a small skirmish and had to retreat wounded. With nowhere to go, the group is planning an all out suicide terrorist attack. With US aircraft stretched thin in other conflicts they see this as their time to become terrorist superstars. Well... not if it's up to you!
  • Terrorist Plot - It's the year 2008 and the G8 summit is to be held in Japan. The A-10 is based out of Yakota Airbase Japan and is to fly security homeland defense as a show of presence around Tokyo bay area. All is normal in the flight while making medium altitude loops around the bay with only a few advertising blimps floating around. The A-10 is called to action amid reports of a missle launch. Can you unconver the terrorist plot that surrounds Japan?
  • Lakenheath UFO Incident - There is nothing normal about this night at Lakenheath AFB in the UK. You set out on foot with a security team to investigate some strange phenomenon in the nearby forest. One encounter leads to another as you board your A-10 to further ivestigate objects in the sky. With an unusual twist ending you must use all your skills to save the world. Good luck with that!
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction in Antartica - Well it all boils down to the bottom of the world where all terrorist and thugs have retreated - Antarctica - and With them they have taken all of the missing (WMD) Weapons of mass destruction. But wouldn\'t you know it, as terrorrist do they gave away their position by making war among themselves. Now you are to nip it all in the bud in an Abrams tank and eventually in your A-10 as coalition forces do an all out battle..The element of suprise is vital in this mission... Good luck and prevent some serious global warming!

System Requirements:

  1. FSX
  2. 1Ghz CPU
  3. 512mb RAM
  4. CDROM Drive
  5. Windows XP, Windows 7
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