Mission: Blackhawk

Mission: Blackhawk

Mission: Blackhawk

Fly The Blackhawk, Seahawk, Pavehawk And Jayhawk (all included) in a series of 6 exciting memorable and adventurous custom missions in Microsoft FSX

With the arrival of Flight Simulator X, the advent of scripted stories for flyers is now a reality. Abacus is happy to introduce the first title in our new Mission: Series featuring full-length flight adventures to keep you challenged. "To produce this new add-on, we have turned to Ron Jeffers who is known for his special effects, scenery design and audio skills and Phil Castellanos who has written well-read tutorials about making FSX missions. Together we have developed these heart-pounding scenarios that take advantage of the FSX's mission building capabilities." You'll be flying the "hawk" set of helicopters - Blackhawk, Seahawk, Pavehawk and Jayhawk - all included in this package.

Below are some of the missions scenarios you will encounter!

The "Incident"
A helicopter and a ranger team investigate a mysterious object crash breach on a Nevada Mountain range. They take off and have a myserious crash landing. The ranger team are ordered to scale the mountain on foot to locate the object. Upon discovery of the object they seize 3 unknown life forms from and are extracted from the mountain top. The team makes a paratroop jump to home base as Avery2 helo must continue on imediately to a top secret base called (Sat relay 6) with the unknown life forms and hand them over to a man in black there, all confidential of course...and covered up.

Hurricane Alvin
This helicopter is asked to aid survivors of a devestating hurricane that hit the area around Lake Chapala in Mexico.

Terrorist Attack
A terrorist group has taken over an oil rig and you'll have to drop the Navy Seals into position to defeat the enemy!

Disabled Ship Crew Rescue
This is a difficult and daring rescue of the crew of a disabled ship in the cold waters of the Bering Sea.

Other missions included:

  • Army Special Forces Insertion
  • Navy supply ship replenishment

System Requirements:

  1. FSX
  2. 2Ghz CPU+
  3. 1Gb RAM
  4. 256mb 3D Video
Weight 0.25 kg
Our Price: AUD $49.95

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