The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 was originally developed in the Soviet Union as an interceptor. The RD-45 turbojet powered it, which was a copy of the Rolls Royce Nene. The prototype MiG-15 first flew in December 1947. It began appearing in service in 1949 and by 1952 it had been provided to a number of communist satellite nations. The MiG-15 was deployed against American Air Forces in December of 1950 in Korea. On November 8, 1950, First Lt. Russell Brown, flying an F-80, shot down a MiG-15 in the first all-jet dogfight in history.

Although the MiG-15bis could climb faster and higher than the F-86, poor turning performance and high Mach instability limited its dogfight performance. In aerial combat against the F-86, the MiG-15 suffered high losses.

There are many details and features in this product. Below is a list covering many of them:

  • Very detailed aircraft models - from 51000 polygons (1-seat fighter) to 59000 polygons (2-seat trainer).
  • Fully features virtual cockpit models. Switches are clickable with functioning throttle, sticks, rudder pedals, valve knobs…
  • Everything in the virtual cockpit can be operated. The MiG-15UTI versions have rear cockpit and front cockpit details.
  • 2-D VFR panel rendered from the 3D cockpit model.
  • Mixed photo-real and hand-drawn cockpit. The cocpit layout is referenced from the official MiG-15 cockpit layouts.
  • ACK-3 Gyro Gunsight (2 modes include range, pitch, and trim, all adjustable in the VC).
  • Gun fire, drop tanks/bombs, ejection seats, and ground maintenance models are active.
  • Very detailed pilot model in 3 versions for historical an accurate look.
  • Aircraft models include all mass production MiG-15 sub versions. A total of 22 models covering historical time periods and countries:
    • Russian: MiG-15, MiG-15Bis, MiG-15UTI
    • Czech: S-103, CS-102, MiG-15BisSB
    • Poland: Lim-2, SbLim-2/2A
    • China: J-2(F-2), JJ-2(FT2)
  • 46 historical skins.
  • Russian 1950's gauges.
  • Flight models cover different MiG-15 sub versions and are accurate to the MiG-15's reference charts.
  • Paint kit includes easy-to-create-your-own MiG skins.
  • RD-45 and VK-1A engine sound pack including high-G stress and pilot weakness sound effects, high-g vapor effects, engine flame and exhaust effects, and gun smoke effects.
  • FS9/FSX Compatibility.
  • Documentation in PDF format.

System Requirements:

  1. FSX/FS2004
  2. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
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