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Mid Hants Railway - The Watercress Line for TS2013

Mid Hants Railway - The Watercress Line for TS2013

Mid Hants Railway - The Watercress Line for TS2013

Exclusively available in Boxed Version in Australia from PC Aviator! Get it here, now, and local!

Important Note: This is an add-on for Train Simulator 2013 which is sold separately here and required to be installed prior to installing the Mid Hants expansion. Also note that the European Asset Pack (sold separately at the Steam store must also be installed prior)

The Mid Hants Railway heritage route – or the Watercress Line – runs ten miles between the market towns of Alresford and Alton.

All the stations are accurately modelled with numerous custom assets in this rendition of the line, which features authentic signalling along the whole route an accurate gradient profile, and ten scenarios to put your driving skills to the test over the Hampshire ‘Alps’

The single track Mid Hants Railway heritage route – affectionately known as The Watercress Line – runs for 10 miles from Alresford Station, through Ropley, Medstead & Four Marks and then finally to Alton Station where the railway links to the mainline.

All the stations feature custom assets including buildings, signal boxes, footbridges and at Ropley the restoration sheds. In addition smaller station signs, lights and even the 'You're approaching the Strong Country' art deco posters are included at Alton and Alresford.

The route features authentic signalling, including semaphore signals between Alresford and Medstead stations and the new colour light signals at Alton. At Ropley the signals are modelled on the yet-to-be-commissioned signal diagram, as are some of the signals at Alton, so you can experience the signalling before even the real train crews have! Be sure to watch out for the AWS warnings along the route as all distant semaphore signals have permanent AWS ramps.

The line follows an accurate gradient profile, climbing out of Alresford at 1-in-80, which rises to 1-in-60 half way between Ropley and Medstead, then be prepared for a four-mile slog on the run back from Alton up another 1-in 60-gradient!

Ten enjoyable scenarios are included to keep you busy! 

First Run Down
A run from Alton to Alresford with Black 5 No. 45379. You will collect your passengers before beginning your run up the 1-in-60 gradient to Medstead.

Freight Charter
A challenging double-headed scenario, where you must take the freight train down to Alton then follow the instructions of the photo charter crew. There is plenty to do on this bright and early morning, running up, down and all around the Watercress Line.

Relief Turn
As relief driver you will take 45379 from Ropley to Alresford and back - a nice simple half hour job!

Run to the Rescue
The Black 5 has failed on a run up from Alton and you must rescue it using the resident Class 37. No dallying in this scenario!

Santa Special
A top 'n' tail Christmas operation - take a six-coach service topped by 45379 and tailed by a Class 37 from Alton to Ropley and back.

Stock Movement
A simple movement of stock from Alresford to Ropley with the resident 37.

The Ale Train
You are driving the last round trip of the Real Ale Train which runs from Alton to Alresford and back again, after which you will bring back the stock to Ropley and stable the loco. With seven coaches behind you this will be a challenge over the steep gradients.

Up and Down Again
A weekday run. With just one train in service you have a timetabled run up and down the line from Alresford to Alton and back again with the 7F and six coaches, so there's more than enough to keep you busy.

Weekend Antics - Part 1
Take 45379 from Ropley to Alresford to collect today's service train, then run to Alton. There's plenty to keep you busy with even the odd red signal!

Weekend Antics - Part 2
The sequel to Part 1 - run round your coaches and make your way back to Alresford. There are a few peculiar goings on today, though...

System Requirements:

  1. Train Simulator 2013 with European Asset Pack installed (sold separately)
  2. 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
  3. 2.0GB RAM
  4. 256MB graphics card
  5. Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
  6. 261MB hard drive space

Note: This route expansion requires that you have installed the European Community Asset Pack (available to buy from the Steam website) if your Train Simulator 2013 software was purchased AFTER 20 September 2012.

Weight 0.15 kg
COMPATIBILITY Train Simulator 2013
NOTES Requires European Community Asset Pack (see description)
Normally: AUD $42.95
Our Price: AUD $19.95

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