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MegaScenery USA 2005 Vol 4: Pacific Northwest

MegaScenery USA 2005 Vol 4: Pacific Northwest

MegaScenery USA 2005 Vol 4: Pacific Northwest

Flight Simulator X Compatibility Guarantee We are pleased to be able to guarantee you that all current versions of MegaScenery will be compatible with FSX through FREE patch downloads or very minimal priced (a couple of dollars) CD or DVD upgrades should the patches be too large to download. So you can order and use these titles now with FS2004 and obtain free download patches when they are made available. Soar the skies above a Flight Simulator world that’s more realistic than anything you’ve ever flown on your PC. MegaScenery Pacific Northwest is the largest and most realistic photorealistic scenery ever produced for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and it is, by far, our best MegaScenery title yet!

Created from digitized 5 meter per pixel satellite and 1 foot per pixel aerial photographs this product captures the diversity and beauty of some of the most visually spectacular terrain in the USA – the Pacific Northwest, Seattle and surrounding areas.

MegaScenery Pacific Northwest captures all of the landmarks in the area just as you see them in real life. Experience the rush of flying within feet of the real Mt Rainier with it’s 14,000 feet peaks. Recently, Mt St Helens was going to erupt again… well now you can fly into her crater and explore the remnant spills of when she did erupt in 1980. The Olympic Mountains, Mt Adams, Puget Sound and more… they’re all as real as life and are just a few features the area is famous for. And then… to top off the realism MegaScenery puts you over the top of The Emerald City – Seattle using our new MegaCity Technology. It’s urban scenery developed from high resolution aerial photography and will have you spotting even the finest details down to individual rooftops and even shrubs on golf courses and cars on interstates.

This product gives you more value than ever. You get 4 sceneries in one – MegaScenery Day Scenery, spine tingling Night Scenery that maps every street, Winter Scenery that lays a blanket of snow over your MegaScenery world and the new MegaCity Technology. MegaScenery Pacific Northwest is the best MegaScenery yet and yes, you will be pinching yourself for a reality check. Stop for a moment to imagine the scenery world you’ve always dreamed of flying with Microsoft Flight Simulator…. MegaScenery Pacific Northwest is that scenery! 

HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF FLYING Over 30,000 square miles (175 nm x 175 nm) of photorealistic day and night scenery lets you explore this most visually spectacular area of the United States. Other major landmarks include: Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens, Mt Adams, Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, Cascade Mountains, Columbia River and a whole lot more! If you can see it in real life... you\'ll see it in MegaScenery Northern California. NIGHT FLYING TOO: And that\'s just the day flying experience. Experience this whole world again with full NIGHT and DUSK/DAWN scenery. MegaScenery technology maps every road and street and lines it with lighting for a spine tingling night flying experience unmatched by any other scenery product on any other PC flight simulation.

ALL THE CHARTS YOU NEED You also get all the charts you need to navigate your scenery including: • 1 Full Color Seattle Sectional Aeronautical Chart • 1 Full Color Seattle Terminal Area Chart • 220 instrument approach charts in a bound printed manual. INCLUDES LATEST MEGASCENERY ENHANCEMENTS: • New MegaCity™ Technology • Flying in all 4 seasons • Improved Night Scenery • Winter Snow Scenery. • MegaScenery FS2002/2004 smart installer (automatically installs for both versions of Flight Simulator) • High resolution 30 meter terrain elevation mesh. Mountains have never looked so real! • Repositioning of incorrectly placed default FS2004 objects.** • Many other tweaks and fine enhancements Your Flight Simulator world will NEVER look the same again!

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