Mega Airport Budapest

Mega Airport Budapest

Mega Airport Budapest

A very nice scenery of the Budapest main airport, Ferihegy International Airport and the capital with photorealistic ground textures and extensive autogen.

This full FSX scenery has been created by Andreas Kozma (a native of Budapest) and well known for his award winning scenery projects!

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and one of the oldest cities in Central Europe. It’s history is rich and varied, with many highlights and several very sad periods. With Hungary being the odd one out in the Soviet Block (it had more freedom then the other Eastern European states) it was able to recover from the devastation of the last part of World War II with much more style and feeling for its history then most other cities in Eastern Europe. As the thousands of tourists can testify to, it is a city that certainly deserves a visit.

The Budapest main airport, Ferihegy International Airport is the most important airport in Hungary and has handled over 8 million passengers last year. Large enough to handle B747 (and most likely the A380) it has connections to most European airports and has recently seen a big increase in low costs airline flights. Malév Hungarian Airlines is the main Hungarian airline and it has its home base at Ferihegy. Malév and Delta operate flights from Budapest to New York.

The three main terminals (1, 2A, 2B) and the General aviation terminal will be joined by a new Freight terminal soon and companies like UPS are starting to use Ferihegy more and more. Most striking on the airport is for sure the control tower, a large structure build up from ground level on two massive pillars.

Budapest main features:

  • Highly detailed taxiway and runway layout, with high definition textures
  • Fully compatible with standard and third party AI-Traffic
  • Full winter textures
  • Full night textures
  • Includes high density mesh of surrounding
  • Includes full photographic ground texture of Budapest (so on your approaches you will get a good chance to see the layout of the city)
  • High level of animated car and bus traffic on airport
  • Full and detailed lighting
  • Very high number of objects on tarmac
  • Superb optimization on every view angle so frame rates are stable
  • A version of this scenery is used in Malév simulators at Ferihegy!

Budapest FSX specific features:

  • All textures in DDS format (better suitable for modern graphics cards)
  • Bumpmaps and specular textures maps (increasing details and adding new visual features)
  • Compatible with the new FSX round world model (no floating objects near the edges of the covered area)
  • Photo coverage bitmaps inside the BGL (faster loading than all separate textures)
  • Sounds added to objects (so you hear the truck you are going to crash into)
  • Extensive car traffic on highways in the area
  • Birds in the surrounding (better avoid those, they can crash your aircraft)

System requirements for FS2004:

  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (Box/DVD-Version only)
  2. Windows XP, Vista, 7
  3. Pentium 2 GHz
  4. 1024 MB RAM
  5. Graphic card with 256 MB RAM
  6. Sound card
  7. DVD-ROM drive (Box/CD-Version only)
  8. Install Size: 700 MB

System requirements for FSX :

  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  2. Windows XP, Vista, 7
  3. Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 or Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU (or equivalent, but note there is no equivalent at this moment for use with FSX)
  4. 2 GB RAM
  5. Modern DX9 Graphic card with minimal 256 MB RAM
  6. Modern DX9 Sound card
  7. DVD-ROM drive (Box/DVD-Version only)
  8. Install Size: 710 MB
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