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McDonnell F3H-2 Demon

McDonnell F3H-2 Demon

McDonnell F3H-2 Demon

McDonnell Aircraft's F3H Demon was the firm's first swept-wing jet fighter.  The aircraft was conceived in 1949 as the XF3H-1, with the first flight taking place in 1951. Unfortunately, the original Westinghouse J40 engine was extremely unreliable, leading to the loss of several aircraft and pilots.  Despite the faulty powerplant, McDonnell set an unofficial time-to-climb record in 1955 of 10,000 feet in 71 seconds in an F3H-1N.  In 1953, the Demon was refitted with the more powerful and reliable Allison J71 engine. This powerplant substantially boosted the plane’s performance.  In 1956, the F3H-2N Demon was approved as a front line fighter with the U.S. Navy.  In service, the Demon performed well, although it was still somewhat underpowered.  However, it was a sturdy, stable platform under all flying conditions. The last of 522 Demons were delivered in 1959 and were not retired until 1964.

For FSX and FS2004


  • 4 high-detail texture sets:
    • 1. VF-41 "Black Aces", USS Independence in 1960-61, Mediterranean cruise.
    • 2. VF-124 "Moonshiners", NAS Miramar, San Diego, 1957.
    • 3. VF-122 "Black Angels", USS Ticonderoga, May 1957, Pacific Fleet.
    • 4. VF-14 "Top Hatters", USS Forrestal, 1957.
  • full FSX native model available with all FSX features (bump mapping, self-shadowing, bloom etc)
  • FSX model includes V-C self-shadowing (effect requires FSX SP2, DX10 preview mode)
  • 4 loadout variations : 4x AIM-7, 2x AIM-7 & 2x AIM-9, 2x ferry tanks, 'clean'
  • authentic virtual cockpit with animations and mousable controls
  • authentic all-xml 2D panel, custom pop-ups for autopilot and radios, fully mousable
  • automatic (on throttle) afterburner visual effect with corresponding performance boost
  • animated wingfold, tailhook, speedbrakes, refuel probe
  • animated canopy (shift-e)
  • highly authentic flight model with checklist
  • simulated 'radar' gauge (FS9 only)
  • v-c rain effects (FS9 only)
  • realistic, animated crew figure
  • smoke trail effect on i-key
  • working landing lights
  • paintkit available on freeware page
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