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GoFlight (GF-WP-6) Annunciator Panel

GoFlight (GF-WP-6) Annunciator Panel

GoFlight (GF-WP-6) Annunciator Panel

The new GF-WP-6 Annunicator Panel is the world's first self-created flight simulation module

Choose from a drag and drop menu of over 60 selections to create the mylar windows. Program at home with software that allows for any color that the human eye can see

  • You program the Windows and color that they glow in
  • Comes with a set of 60 adhesive-backed and re-usable windows or choose to create your own using Goflight's software and print from your own printer
  • Removes hacing to use mouse or keyboard to reset annunciator warnings
  • Simply push the window to reset the annunciator function
  • Can be programmed for any flight sim key-stroke function
  • Fully customizable anuunciator settings for a cross section of aircraft
  • Supported by FSX, I-Fly, FS9 and many other software platforms to follow

Note: Price is for one (1) 6-button/display annunciator panel only. No other enclosure or goflight products included (as shown in some item images).

Dimensions: 2" tall, 7.25" wide, 3" back clearance. The mounting hole centers are 0.5" down from the top edge of the panel, 6.75" apart, and 0.25" from the left & right edges of the panel.

Weight 0.30 kg
Our Price: AUD $230.95