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Flying The Airbus A300 Series Simulators

Flying The Airbus A300 Series Simulators

Flying The Airbus A300 Series Simulators

Following on from the tremendous success of his Boeing 700 series of flight simulator manuals, Captain Mike Ray has done it again - this time for the ultra modern Airbus A300 series of airliners and again, specifically for Flight Simulator Pilots of both Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 2004.

Now learn every single aspect of what you want and need to know about flying Airbus aircraft, particularly such highly detailed add ons such as Wilco's Airbus Series Volume 1. This is the definitive Airbus manual for Flight Simulator pilots and again brought to you in the unique and entertaining style that entices you to actively learn and absorb all aspects of flying these modern Fly-By-Wire aircraft. It's applicable to all aircraft in the A300 series.


Setting Up The MCDU gives you a complete guide in understanding the MCDU including programming it step-by-step

Configuring The Cockpit for takeoff gives you all the basic steps and actions required for takeoff from arming the Flight Director to configuring the ECAM.

26 Easy To Understand Yet Critical Individual Steps take you from take off to landing. When to activate your autopilot, climb and descent configurations and a whole lot more including the hardest task of all - landing the jet. Comprehensive Ground School illustrates the entire cockpit and explains the function of every gauge and gadget in the elegantly modern cockpit. Detailed focus on the Navigation Display will all its modes and everything it indicates clearly illustrated. The same treatment is given to the FCU, PFD, FMA and more.

There Is Actually A Specific Concept Applied To Flying Airbus Aircraft - Learn what this is and how to apply that concept yourself

Then Partake In The Flight Tutorial From Paris To London step-by-step as you conduct an actual airline flight with Captain Mike giving you the instruction. Learn every aspect of every phase of the flight by actually flying it and going through every aspect of that flight from filing the flight plan to programming the MCDU for the flight and a whole lot more including flying an actual approach.

A Whole Host Of Other Items are also included such as flying holding patterns, A.Floor recovery, TOGA, Performing a Go Around, ILS CATIII AutoLand. Airlines spend millions training Airbus pilots. You get to learn the entire essence of what they do in this one 200 page clearly illustrated detailed manual specifically for flying Airbus A300 series aircraft. It's applicable to all aircraft in the Airbus series. It can be applied to the default FSX A321 but goes way beyond specifically for enhanced and advanced Airbus addons such as the Wilco Aircraft series.

The ultra modern Airbus are fascinating aircraft and if you're fascinated with flying Airbus and want to learn it all this is the book, from the author of the best selling Flying Boeing 700 series simulators, real world airline captain - Captain Mike Ray, then this is the manual you have been looking for. This manual is at 200 pages and wire spiral bound for convenience of being able to lay it flat while applying all the lessons to your sim flying. DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES We've extracted some pages from the manual for you to see it for yourself in PDF format.

Click Here To Download The 15 Sample Pages (8 Mb).

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