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Flight Simulator Pilots Information Manual 2012 Edition

Flight Simulator Pilots Information Manual 2012 Edition

Flight Simulator Pilots Information Manual 2012 Edition

The Flight Simulator Pilots Information Manual teaches you everything you need to know about aviation from a flight simmers point of view.... all in the one book.

Now Updated For 2012! Learn about:

  • Aircraft types and parts - ALL NEW
  • Pilot certifications and ratings
  • Parts of airports and runways
  • Airspaces and airways
  • Air traffic control - UPDATED
  • Weather reporting services - UPDATED
  • Weather conditions and sources
  • General flight rules - ALL NEW
  • Visual flight rules
  • Instrument flight rules
  • Lights (airport, navigation, aircraft, etc.)
  • Navigation aids
  • Official aviation terminology and abbreviations
  • Flight-sim conversion formulas - EXPANDED
  • Flight-sim and aviation resources - UPDATED . . . and much more!

Instructions supplied with flight-simulation programs skim the surface of what a flight-sim pilot needs to know. Go deeper than the superficial and get the knowledge that real-world pilots have as applies to flight simming.

Your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual has more information, better presentation of information and broader appeal than previous versions.

Aircraft Types and Parts
A completely new chapter defines and explains the many official categories of aircraft and parts so you'll know what aviators are talking about.

Air Traffic Control
Get a comprehensive overview of the world of air traffic control.The entire chapter on ATC has been reorganized and expanded.

Flight Rules
An entire new chapter clarifies flight rules that apply to both visual and instrument flying, and the two chapters on visual and instrument flying have been clarified.

Source Expansion
This year, the sources for the manual have been expanded beyond the official Aeronautical Information Manual to include facts and information from other aviation sourcres.

Miscellaneous Updates
Many facts and data in all the chapters have been updated for 2009.

Flight-Sim Resources
Updated list of names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses and web pages for reliable sources of flight-sim and aviation information and products.

Make your simulated flights as realistic as possible by following the same methods real airline, military and general-aviation pilots follow. Your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual explains it all in one compact book.

Understanding Pilot Certifications and Ratings
Every real-world pilot must have a certification and a rating to fly an airplane. Do you know which rating a real-world pilot would need for the type of flight simming you like to do? Do you know what knowledge a real-world pilot must demonstrate to get that rating? Your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual explains it concisely.

Knowing About Airports
Airports are much simpler and easier when you know how they are laid out, what their parts are called and what you do in certain areas. Can you imagine a pilot knowing how to fly around the skies but not knowing how to use an airport? Its a silly thought, isnt it? But flight-simulation program manuals overlook this fundamental aspect of aviation. That's why your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual devotes an entire chapter to airports. You will learn every major part of typical airports and their runways, including correct names, so you can use them as real pilots use real airports.

Distinguishing Airspaces From One Another
You will learn how airspaces are sectioned according to traffic type and volume. You will also learn where pilots are allowed to fly, are restricted and are prohibited. And you will learn the rules and procedures used in these airspaces. These airspaces and airways are fully described and depicted for you so you can fly as realistically as possible.

Understanding the World of Air Traffic Control
Most air traffic is conducted in controlled airspaces, so for the most realistic flight simulation, you need to know something about air traffic control. From your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual, you will learn about flight service stations, airport control towers, ground control, departure and approach control, air route traffic centers, automated aviation information services and other ATC services. This chapter is reorganized and improved in this release.

Knowing About Pilot Weather Services Todays flight-sim programs are getting better and better about simulating weather realistically. Do you know where real-world pilots get their weather information? Do you know what weather information real-world pilots are required to have? And do you know the flight-sim equivalent of real-world aviation weather services? Your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual explains it all.

Flying According to Official Flight Rules
Flight rules enable pilots to fly as simply as possible when weather is clear and when it obscured. From Flight-Sim Pilot's Information Manual, you will learn the same rules that real world pilots use when flying visually and/or on instruments.

Knowing What Lights Are Telling You
Learn what airports, runway approaches, obstructions and aircraft are communicating from this all new chapter of your Flight-SimPilots Information Manual.

Understanding Official Aviation Abbreviations
Aviation is overwhelmed with abbreviations and acronyms. Your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual explains the major aviation abbreviations and acronyms relevant to flight simulationso you will know what real-world pilots are talking about.

Converting With Flight-Sim Formulas
Aviation and flight simulation use many formulas for converting various measurements from one method to another. Your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual explains the formulas for converting British Imperial to Metric and vice versa. You will learn the accurate formulas for converting altitude, distance, speed, temperature, pressure and other important aviation measurements.

Benefiting From Flight-Sim and Aviation Resources
The flight-sim community has many resources providing beneficial services and products. Your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual provides a concise listing of these resources, replete with addresses, telephone numbers and Internet information (where available). This information is updated for the 2009 edition.

Finding Information Through an Index
A complete index helps you find information quickly so you can use your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual as a handy reference manual right at your computer. Many official aviation manuals lack this important tool.

Find Needed Information Quickly and Easily
Your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual is organized and laid out for your easiest use. Information is divided into relevant chapters, and chapters are organized into easy-to-follow sections. Headings and captions help you find information quickly. Its fully indexed for quick reference.

Clearly Written and Easy to Use
Your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual is written by expert flight simmers and professional aviators, then published by an experienced training enterprise to help you learn by reading and doing. Policies, procedures and practices used by professional real-world pilots are explained in straight-forward, easy-to-follow English. Visual aids help you grasp the principles, and easy-to-follow exercises help you apply the concepts and methods for experience and learning.

Grasp and Remember Concepts Quickly and Easily
Your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual has plenty of orderly graphical aids so you can grasp aviation concepts right away and remember them indefinitely.

For Everyone
The flight principles, procedures and practices explained in Flight-Sim Pilot's Information Manual apply to all aircraft - general aviation, commercial or military - as well as all flight-sim games. Its comparable to flight training manuals that apply to all aircraft, including the popular and special ones. We cant write one book that explains every specific aircraft, and we cant write a separate book for each airplane, either. So we explain the most common general-aviation aircraft in this book, and readers can easily adapt our explanations to the specific aircraft theyre flying. Frankly, anybody who cannot adapt fundamental navigation knowledge to specific simulators lacks the right stuff for flight simming.

For Anywhere
Whether you are in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia, Europe or the Pacific Rim, Flight Sim Pilots Information Manual is for you. It is based on real aviation rules, principles, procedures and practices that general-aviation pilots use around the world. The only exceptions are those few aviation laws and regulations unique to your country.

For PC Flight Simulation Exclusively
Your Flight-Sim Pilots Information Manual is written exclusively for flight-simulation pilots. Its based on real aviation textbooks and manuals - with the relevant material emphasized and the irrelevant material omitted. You will not need to flip through pages and pages of technical aviation texts, because that work has been done for you. You wont have to skip over irrelevant materials, because they have been omitted for you.

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