PC Aviator Australia :: Computer Pilot Magazine - Volume 11 Issue 5 - May 2007

Computer Pilot Magazine - Volume 11 Issue 5 - May 2007

Computer Pilot Magazine - Volume 11 Issue 5 - May 2007

Computer Pilot Magazine - Volume 11 Issue 5 - May 2007
In This Issue.....

? Captain Sim?s Space Shuttle
? MaxiVista Professional
? AirUtopia?s A380 First Year DVD
? ASA?s FS As A Training Aid Book
Ground School: The NDB ? A Dying Breed?
NDBs are to be phased out slowly over the next few years as newer navigation technology like GPS emerges. It would be a shame to miss out on learning the art of NDB navigation however, especially for new sim pilots. Hans takes a look at the Non-Directional Beacon.

µSay Again?? - The Do?s and Don'ts of Radio Etiquette
With the advent of new multiplayer air traffic control (ATC) options in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and growing opportunities for online adventures thanks to the virtual ATC organizations, flight simmers have more opportunities for using real online voice communications than ever before. So, it pays to sound like an old pro.

Avalon Airshow 2007 Report
?As March µ07 approached the anticipation for Australia?s biannual International Airshow grew. With mostly positive thoughts about the last Airshow I packed my bag with a hope that I would again be surprised and enjoy the ?07 show. The theme of this year?s show was ?Breaking The Barriers÷ It relates to the 60th anniversary since the Sound Barrier was broken by none other than the Airshow?s special guest General Chuck Yeager.÷ John Tavendale provides a full airshow report.

Bride of a Flight Sim Zombie Part II
?I still had my work, my friends and Vancouver?s lousy stinkin? weather but very few things left in the house to remind me of my husband. There were a couple of postcards from Australia, his cell phone number stored in my phone and a framed photo of me, taken by John that night on the streets of Osaka. I don?t even like the photo.÷

P06D ? An X-Plane Challenge: Part II
In the March issue of Computer Pilot I described a rather strange airplane designed by some graduate students at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Their instructor named it ?P06D÷. Herein lies Part 2, the concluding piece to this challenge!

Truscott: A Journey to Australia?s Secret Wartime Airbase
?Among my earliest childhood memories are nights spent in the company of my dad, Gordon, and his mate ?uncle÷ Bill. I still remember a player piano, a billiard table and seemingly endless war stories. Gordon and Bill had been stationed during World War II at what was known as Australia?s secret airbase, Truscott?÷

Mission Possible!
Long term MSFS users will be familiar with 'adventures' where you could download packages from online file libraries and enjoy the ride. Despite the fact that you needed to be very dedicated to produce them with the basic tools that were available, some dedicated flight simmers regularly released new scenarios. Well, move over - 'adventures' are back with a vengeance under the banner of 'FSX Missions'!

Flight Into White Hell
?It was Friday night and the beginning of the Presidents? Day long weekend and beginning to snow. CW4 (Chief Warrant Officer W-4) Jake ?Ski÷ Dombrowski of the New Hampshire Army National Guard and veteran of the first Gulf War, felt a heavy gust of wind as he landed his UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter close to the Snow Ranger shack on Mt. Washington Regional airport (KHIE)?÷

Round Robin Adventures
Scheduled ANA (All Nippon Airways) flight. This route will take us from Tokyo?s New Narita Intl airport (RJAA) to Seoul?s Incheon (RKSI) Airport, via the Sea of Japan. Then it is on to Nagoya (RJNN) Japan and finally back home to Tokyo?s Narita International.

Bill Stack?s Column
Aviation Accidents Alarm the News Media
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