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Class 3700 'City of Truro' for TS2013

Class 3700 'City of Truro' for TS2013

Class 3700 'City of Truro' for TS2013

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This is an add-on products for Train Simulator 2013 (sold separately)

This superb Class 3700 package with the 100mph-topping 'City of Truro' features a variety of finely detailed Class 3700 steam loco's with a set of three Mk.1 coaches in brown and cream and also four Clerestory coaches.

12 enjoyable scenarios for a number of routes are included - here's your chance to the recreate the famous 103mph run!

The distinctive Class 3700 locomotives are presented here in a set of authentic liveries and with different cabs depending on the era depicted. Also included is a set of Clerestory and Just Trains Mk1 coaches, both with passenger view.

12 exciting custom scenarios (including some that require additional routes) complete the package!

The 'City of Truro' locomotive would become famous on May 9, 1904 when it was timed at 102.3 MPH while descending the 1-in-86 Whiteball bank with the ‘Ocean Mails’ parcel service. The accuracy of this speed has been questioned and investigated a number of times, but the loco was certainly travelling in excess of 98 MPH when it passed Milepost 171 near Wellington in Somerset! If we believe the recording of Charles Rous-Marten it is certain that 3440 ‘City of Truro’ was the first steam locomotive to reach 100 MPH anywhere in the world. We have included a scenario to see if you can also get to this magic number!


  • 3440 ‘City of Truro’ 2004-2006 version
  • 3700 ‘Durban’
  • 3704 ‘Lyttelton’
  • 3710 ‘City of Bath’
  • 3716 ‘City of London’
  • 3717 ‘City of Truro’ (2010-2012)
  • 3717 ‘City of Truro’ (1912-1931)
  • 3719 ‘City of Exeter’


Just Trains Mk1 coaches in brown and cream livery: Brake Standard Open, First Open, Tourist Standard Open
Clerestory coaches: Corridor Compartment, Corridor third, Right-hand brake coach, Left-hand brake coach

CLASS 3700

The GWR Class 3700 locomotives were designed by George Jackson Churchward and ten were built in 1903 at the Swindon Locomotive Works. GWR also converted ten of its Class 4100 locomotives and these were released in 1902 and 1907-1909. The converted loco’s retained their names of cities in the British Empire whilst the ‘new-builds’ were given the names of well-known British cities.

They were fitted with the 4-4-0 wheel arrangement which was popular at the time and were mainly used on express passenger and parcel delivery services.

All twenty engines were withdrawn between 1927 and 1931, with nineteen scrapped and only 3717 'City of Truro’ surviving for preservation. ‘City of Truro’ was donated to the National Rail Museum’s National Collection by GWR.


  • 3440 ‘City of Truro’ 2004-2006 version
    This model of 3440 is as it appeared on the main line between 2004 and 2006 and also on its visits to preserved sites during this period. It comes complete with AWS and TPWS as well as a functioning digital speedometer. This is also the locomotive you should use when re-creating 3440 as it was built
  • 3700 ‘Durban’
  • 3704 ‘Lyttelton’
  • 3710 ‘City of Bath’
  • 3716 ‘City of London’
  • 3717 ‘City of Truro’ (2010-2012)
  • 3717 ‘City of Truro’ (1912-1931)
    This model re-creates 3717 as it ran from 1912 in service. Use the ‘Late GWR tender’ with this model
  • 3719 ‘City of Exeter’
Engine and tender features
  • High quality 3D modelling
  • Front working lights
  • Sanders piping
  • Buffers
  • Couplings
  • Boiler side hand grab rails
  • Name plates
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Steps
  • Rivets
  • Cab access grab handles
  • Steam whistle
  • Tender rear steps
  • Tender water filling point
  • Animated coal level
Cab features
  • Animated firebox door
  • Footplate tools
  • Pipe work
  • Gauges
  • Levers and controls
  • Driver and Fireman seats

Animated controls

  • Sanding lever
  • Cylinder cock lever
  • Blower lever
  • Live injector Steam
  • Exhaust injector Steam
  • Locking reverser lever
  • Regulator
  • Whistle operating lever
  • Brake operating lever
  • Large Ejector
Operating gauges
  • Brake vacuum
  • Boiler pressure gauge
  • Steam heating gauge
  • Water level indicator
  • Reverser position indicator
  • LED Speedometer in modern loco versions
  • AWS in modern loco versions

Physics and effects

  • Custom Physics
  • Smoke and steam effects including sparks, smoke colour affected by fire condition, and blowing cylinder cocks controlled by scenario trigger.


Just Trains Mk1 coaches in brown and cream livery:
  • Brake Standard Open
  • First Open
  • Tourist Standard Open
Clerestory coaches:
  • Corridor Compartme:nt
  • Corridor third
  • Right-hand brake coach
  • Left-hand brake coach

Please note that the scenarios included with this Manor Class add-on will only work on the assigned routes, some of which are not supplied with Train Simulator 2013 and will need to be purchased.

Somerset Joint Railway - Somerset and Dorset route

JT CoT – A Helping Hand
Drive 3700 ‘Durban’ on a heavy train in tandem with another member of the class
from Radstock to Templecombe.

JT CoT – Parcels for the City
Drive a Class 3700 loco on an evening parcels train from Evercreech Junction to
Bath. You are to follow an all stations stopper so be prepared for delays!

JT CoT – The City of Bath
Drive 3710 ‘City of Bath’ on its final passenger turn, a special evening trip from Bath to Radstock and return. The train is quite heavy for this old loco!

Templecombe Yard Free Roam
Pick a loco by clicking on it, then explore the route. Remember to change the points as they are all manually controlled.

Bristol to Exeter route
(This route is available from the Just Trains website as a Download and as a
Boxed edition.)

JT CoT – The Ocean Mails 100 (Part 1)
Drive the legendary 3440 ‘City of Truro’ on a tour to celebrate the centenary of
its record breaking run in 1904. In Part 1 you are to drive the loco in the opposite
direction to which it travelled on that day in May 1904 and take control from Taunton to Exeter. This includes the climb of Whiteball – what will you be able to get out of the old girl?

JT CoT – The Ocean Mails 100 (Part 2)
Drive 3440 ‘City of Truro’ on the return special from Kingswear to Bristol in
celebration of its record breaking run in 1904. You are in control from Exeter to Taunton.

JT CoT – 102.3 MPH
Drive 3440 on a re-creation of its record breaking run in 1904. There is no AI traffic and no static consists – just see if you can do it!

Bristol and Avonmouth route
(This route is available from the Just Trains website as a Download and as a
Boxed edition.)

JT CoT – The City of Bristol
Drive ‘City Of Truro’ on a special train to Portbury docks. This train has spent a day touring Bristol and you are on the final leg down to the docks and back.

London to Brighton route

JT CoT – The Sussex Coaster (Outward) (Relay Play Scenario)
Drive 3440 on a special charter from Norwood Junction to Brighton with a crew
change at Three Bridges en route. Can you and a friend keep time?

JT CoT – The Sussex Coaster (Return)
Drive 3440 ‘City of Truro’ from Brighton to London Victoria on a returning special
from Brighton.

Isle Of Wight route

JT CoT – The Visit of a Legend
Drive 3440 ‘City of Truro’ on a Sunday morning tour of the lines on the Isle of Wight network. Drive from Shanklin to Ryde St Johns before taking the train to Wootton.

JT CoT – The Grand Steam Gala
Drive 3440 in the Isle of Wight Steam Railways’ Spring Steam Gala. You are to drive the loco from Haven Street to Smallbrook Junction before returning to Wootton. From there you will haul a special Express service through to Ryde Pierhead.

System Requirements:

  1. Train Simulator 2013
  2. 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
  3. 2.0GB RAM
  4. 256Mb graphics card
  5. Windows 8 /7 / XP / Vista
  6. Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
  7. 280MB hard drive space

Weight 0.15 kg
COMPATIBILITY Train Simulator 2013
Normally: AUD $39.95
Our Price: AUD $19.95

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  • Author: The RailWorks Magazine
    This superb rendition of this famous class has really shown what Just Trains can achieve in the area of steam... The cab view is brilliantly detailed... Mind-blowing textures, cab and sounds... Generous additions of rolling stock that are included in the price.
  • Author: Simulator World magazine
    One of the best steam representations to date... There are a number of visual effects that aim to improve the realism of the locomotives and the result is pretty spectacular... One of the most pleasing steam experiences you will find today... A myriad of visual effects to improve the overall realism of this highly detailed virtual steam locomotive.

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