Carrier Strike Force

Carrier Strike Force

Carrier Strike Force

Carrier Strike Force continues the excitement of aircraft carrier operations.

You'll take the seat on board new aircraft and fly from three new carriers. On board the Charles de Gaulle, the powerful catapult gets your mighty Rafale M airborne in just a few hundred feet. And during recovery, you'll want your tailhook to catch the steel cable to bring your muscular aircraft to a screeching halt. Fly the new F-35 JSF and the Harrier in vertical flight from the HMS Illustrious and USS Bonhomme Richard.

For this add-on you'll have all military new equipment:

  • USS Bonhomme Richard
  • French Charles de Gaulle
  • British HMS Illustrious
  • F-35C Lightning II Joint Strike FighterTM
  • AV-8B II Plus HarrierTM
  • Rafale M

Highlights of Carrier Strike Force

  • FSX - moving carrier - you'll takeoff and land from a moving surface
  • FSX - super-accurate launch and recovery using 3WireX technology
  • FSX - five great missions and six open ended mini training missions
  • FSX - maverick missle

Aircraft Carriers

  • USS Bonhomme Richard
  • HMS Illustrious
  • Charles de Gaulle

Carrier Strike Force incorporates the same new technology found in our bestselling Flight Deck 5 package. You'll operate from moving aircraft carriers with super accurate catapult launch and recovery system*. You'll experience the thrill of authentic deck operations with AI traffic on and above the carrier. You'll see why cable recovery on the short flight deck is both thrilling and nerve-wracking.

With five previous release of our world-reknown Flight Deck Series we have the know-how and experience to bring you the excitement of aircraft carrier-based flight. *Moving carrier, catapult/recovery operations using 3WireX, missions and mini-missions available for FSX only; Static carrier, simplified catapult/recovery operations and 200 pre-saved flghts for FS2004

It's launch time on the Charles de Gaulle. Taxi into position over the catapult. The launch team connects you. The steam is flowing and the catapult armed. Shove the throttles forward. Release the brakes. The catapult slams you to the back of your seat!

Returning to the Charles de Gaulle, you'll descend, fly past the carrier, turn a quick base and lower your flaps. Quickly lose some speed and then turn final to line up with the deck. Drop your gear and tailhook. Don't loose too much height. The LSO gives you the green. Hold steady. Over the edge hit the deck and give it full power. The tailhook catches the cable . You're jolted to a screeching stop. Of course, a vertical landing on the HMS Illustrious is a much simpler recovery.

Exciting Carrier Missions
Fly these exciting FSX missions All missions are top quality - just like our highly regarded Mission Series (Mission: Blackhawk and Mission: Combat Force) and Flight Deck 5 add-ons. They feature exciting action and narration.

  • Mig Crisis - You're on maneuvers in F-35 in the north pacific with the carrier task force when a new break away rouge state claims territorial waters of your route and sends out 4 Mig aircraft towards the carriers
  • Mig Thunder 1 - The Charles de Gaulle carrier is under attack by 4 unidentified Mig aircraft off of South America.
  • Mig Tunder 2 - The Charles de Gaulle carrier is under attack by 4 unidentified Mig aircraft off in the Mediterranean.
  • Mig Thunder 3- The Charles de Gaulle carrier is under attack by 4 unidentified Mig aircraft off of a desert coast of Africa.
  • Joint Mission Training - Fly the F-35 on maneuvers from the Charles de Gaulle along side the UK HMS Illustrious and the USS Bonehomme Richard.
  • HMS Illustrious Training - Joint practice naval amphibious operations with the US navy and Marines at Cape Wrath bombing range

Practice Missions – these missions are open-ended. You come in for a landing and can fly around and try again if you want. There are no rewards given:

  • Charles De Gaulle operations in Hawaii
  • Charles De Gaulle operations in Indian Ocean
  • Charles De Gaulle operations in Philippines
  • Charles De Gaulle operations in Suez Cana
  • HMS Illustrious operations in New Orleans
  • HMS Illustrious operations in the Panama Canal

Heads Up Display
You can also use the HUD display to guide you on your missions.

Special animation:

  • Launch and recovery: simplified operation of catapults and cables with steam and sound effects
  • Aircraft: HUD, tail hook, folding wings, cowl flaps, afterburners, cargo door
  • Aircraft carrier: navaids, AFD, AI traffic, wake effects

The carriers are positioned near these locations: - North Pacific - South America coast - Mediterranean - Africa coast - Indian Ocean - Hawaii - Suez Canal - Panama Canal - Phillipines

System Requirements:

  1. FSX or FS2004
  2. CD Rom Drive
  3. Windows XP/Windows 7
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Our Price: AUD $17.48

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