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Airspeed Indicator Gauge Sticker

Airspeed Indicator Gauge Sticker

Airspeed Indicator Gauge Sticker

Get this cool, authentic-styled airspeed indicator guage sticker to put on your car, PC case, Notebook cover, back of your iPad or tablet, on your window or just about anywhere else you can think of that has a smooth, flat and clean surface! Just don't stick this on your real aircraft panel. It looks so authentic, you might wonder why the needles aren't moving!

Default Sticker Size is approx 135mm W x 135mm H.

Each sticker is over-laminated with the highest quality cast gloss laminate for abrasion and chemical resistance and extended outdoor UV resistance.

  • Printed on quality Metamark MD5 Digital Vinyl using a high resolution Roland solvent printer - Vinyl has a permanent adhesive that will last!
  • Industry standard and recommended Roland Eco-Sol Max inks, designed for printing outdoor graphics, banners, signs and stickers.
  • Overlaminated for UV and Abrasion resistance using Arlon 3220G Series Cast Gloss Laminate film - further extends durability of sticker.
  • Contour cut using a Roland plotter/cutter and ready to apply straight from the sticker backing paper.
  • Stickers are fade resistant (they wont fade within 6 months of outdoor exposure like others do) and are weatherproof.

Don't be tricked and fooled into buying low quality stickers off online auction sites or sellers. You know, all those listings that claim "high-quality" with a rock-bottom price... There are reasons why the price is so cheap. They either use very low quality sticker paper, cheap vinyl or most likely cheap aqueous or solvent inks of poor quality that will fade within months outdoors. If they don't list the materials they use, they probably don't want you to know! Pay more, get quality that is guaranteed to last!

Our digitally printed, full-colour stickers are printed using a Roland solvent printer on quality and durable Metamark MD5 Digital Printable Vinyl which has a 7 year outdoor life when unprinted. But hang on? Aren't these stickers printed? Yes, of course they are. The inks used to print have their own durability rating as well...

Most inexpensively produced and sold stickers use standard aqueous inks you find in your average home inkjet printer. These inks will fade fast, sometimes within 3 months of being printed, and you might get lucky with others that may last up to 12 months outdoors before they start to fade, but we can assure you that cheap inks WILL fade prematurely and you WILL be disappointed. Buying cheap is a false economy.

We print our stickers using genuine Roland Eco-Solvent Inks. These inks have a durability of approximately 3 years outdoors without lamination. In indoor locations, these inks can last 2-4 times as long as this (depending on conditions). Roland Eco-Sol Max are proven inks in the print industry, and the standard for high quality prints that last.

Now, we mentioned 3 years without lamination with these inks... All our stickers sold here on Ebay are overlaminated with Arlon brand 3220G Series Clear Gloss Overlaminate film. Our supplier we buy this laminate film from thinks we are crazy... He always tells us this is "Way Overkill" for this application, but we keep telling him that we always give our customers the very best! This film alone has a 7 year rated durability outdoors. When applied over printed graphics, the overlaminate extends the life of printed images by 2 years. So, at a minimum in standard outdoor conditions (as those mostly experienced in Australia), our printed stickers can be expected to remain in excellent condition with little or no colour fade for up to 5 years outdoors (3 year ink durability + 2 year laminate durability extension over the ink) and in many cases much longer. Indoors, these stickers will last much longer than that if properly cared for.

Unfortunately all these high quality materials cost us a little extra, so our sell price is a little higher than other stickers you might find on on other sites like ebay or etsy that are printed overseas. But considering our stickers will last up to 5 times longer than those stickers sold for a few dollars each, our stickers represent excellent value for money for an Australian made item purchased from an Australian owned small business.

Sticker size is shown on product image above. You will receive a sticker of the image only as shown on the product picture. It will be contour cut so when you apply it, it will look just like the sticker image shown.

(We can print/cut this sticker larger - up to 450mm wide/high if needed (equivalent ratio in relation to actual design etc) - please contact us for a price on sizes larger than the standard size for sale here).

Price includes FREE shipping for the stock sticker size mentioned above within Australia only.
Overseas customers - you can purchase this sticker too, but you will be subject to the shipping surcharge and must select this below.
Unfortunately it costs substantially more in postage to send these stickers to addresses outside of Australia.

We can print custom stickers, cut custom decals and lettering too for a wide array of applications for personal or business use. 
Let us know what you need!

How to Apply Your Sticker Successfully
The durability of your sticker is largely dependent on its successful application. Like painting, if you do not prep the surface properly, you will not get a good result, now matter how good your topcoat is! The same applies to stickers.

  1. Ensure you are applying your sticker to a clean, flat surface. Stickers will not adhere to rough or uneven surfaces. Surfaces should be smooth and not greatly textured. We have successfully applied stickers to metal with a "hammer coat" textured paint surface however.
  2. Clean the surface you are applying the sticker to thoroughly using a cleaning solution designed for that surface.
  3. For application to car windows or glass, use a spray solution with a drop of dish-washing liquid and allow the surface to dry thoroughly in a dust-free environment. Application to car bodywork requires cleaning using standard car cleaning products.
  4. Ensure all dust, dirt, grease, oil, chemical films or any other contaminants are removed and allow the surface to dry thoroughly.
  5. Ensure the surface you are applying to is not too hot, or too cold. Keep cars in the shade when applying the sticker to cars or other metal surfaces.
  6. When you are ready to stick your sticker on, carefully align it as desired and stick one edge down. Roll the rest of the sticker down onto the surface and apply pressure using an old credit card (no sharp edges or burrs) or plastic squeegee to ensure no air bubbles are trapped under the sticker. Apply firm pressure as the adhesive is pressure sensitive. If you do not apply enough pressure, it will not stick.
  7. You can use a piece of clean printer paper to hold over the sticker when applying pressure if needed to prevent scratching the laminate.
  8. Allow a little time for the adhesive to set. 
  9. Avoid automatic car washes or manual agitation of the sticker as this may cause it to lift. Do not use hard chemicals on or immediately around the edge of the sticker. Do not put sticker on items that will be put in a dishwasher. 
  10. Treat your sticker like any other quality item you own, and it will treat you well with extended durability in return.
  11. Enjoy your new sticker and show it off to the world!

Printed, laminated and contour cut within Australia from our Brisbane Office.
100% Australian Owned and Operated Small Business.

MEDIA Full Colour Adhesive Vinyl Sticker
Our Price: AUD $9.95
Shipping Outside of Australia?

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