Airshow Pilot

Airshow Pilot

Airshow Pilot

Become A Crowd Pleaser And Enjoy A Dazzling Career As A Virtual Display Pilot!

How accurate is your flying? Can you keep headings, altitudes and fly near-perfect manoeuvres? Now’s your perfect chance to prove you are the best! Airshow Pilot is all about accurate, precision flying at air shows, whether in an aerobatic Extra, a passenger airliner or a Hawk fast jet trainer - in fact you can fly any aircraft that you have installed in FSX!

Whether you want to perform Loops, Cuban Eights, Rolls and Immelmanns in a dedicated aerobatic aircraft like the Extra, fly a fast and low display pass along the crowd line in an huge Airbus or perform in an Arrow or Diamond formation in a Hawk trainer (using a Learjet panel), Airshow Pilot is guaranteed to give you a whole new perspective on aircraft handling.

Learn via the in-built training feature, practise and then test your flying skills against AI competitors on your PC or compete online with real Airshow Pilot competitors. Refine your flying skills during a full calendar of events. Exclusive tracking software records your flights for you to review and will evaluate and rate your skills. You are also able to download other competitors' flights and play them back! Competition results are ranked throughout a season and every pilot will receive a world ranking - trophies are reserved for only the best pilots in each category!

During competitions the airfield will be filled with air show crowds - people, tents, booths, cars, display aircraft and much more. You can even hear the crowd noise! Airshow Pilot also includes the tools for you to design air show aerobatic events, flight programs and even airport populations!

Download the demo (19Mb) to take part in an offline competition, and take a look at the colour PDF manual (3Mb) if you'd like to read all about Airshow Pilot.


Tutorial - provides a step-by-step explanation of how to get the most from Airshow Pilot.

Skill levels - Each Event is supplied with an aerobatic program in two difficulty levels - 'Sportsman' (fairly short and easy) and 'Advanced' (longer and more difficult.

Practise and compete - Practise your flying in the familiar surroundings of your home airport. You can practise individual figures or the entire flight program. When you are familiar with your flight program, enter the competition at the Airshow airfield.

Events - Every flight program consists of a number of aerobatic figures, such as straight flying, turns, loops, rolls and much more, both in normal and inverted flight. Events can be offline, competing with randomly generated pilots, or online events in which you compete with real oppnents. Each aerobatic figure consists of a visual gate in the sky, displayed with a symbol for the figure you need to fly. When you have finished the figure you indicate your readiness for the next figure and the next aerobatic figure you need to fly will start from there.

Flight Data Recorder - This monitors your practice and competition flying, and will give you a full rating after your flight for each individual aerobatic figure flown as well as for the full flight program. You can play back your entire flight in first person, third person and even in 'freeze image' view that shows the entire flight path as a series of static images in Flight Simulator. Download other users' flights to watch them in your copy of Flight Simulator and learn from them. Upload your flying for other flyers to show off your skills to the public!

Ranking - Once the event is over you will find yourself ranked alongside all other pilots (AI or real ones)

Progress - Track your progress throughout a whole season and see your awards - trophies, medals... or nothing!

Regular new events - Subject to availability, one new online event will be made available each month with a new location, new flight program and new population.

‘Living’ crowds and atmosphere - During competitions the airfield will be filled with airshow crowds - people, tents, booths, cars, display aircraft and much more. You can even hear the crowd noise!

'Display' program - Fly a Display routine for the airshow crowd, in any aircraft you choose - show them just how well you can handle an airliner!

Just for fun - Airshow Pilot includes a basic BAe Hawk model (using the default Learjet 45 panel) in an aerobatic paint scheme which can be flown on its own or in several different formations.


Event Designer - Create your own aerobatic events. Airshow Pilot will import your private aerobatic events automatically as offline events and you can participate immediately.

Flight Program Designer - If you don't want to use the supplied flight programs, create your own!

Population Designer - Create your own airport populations. You can add crowds, cars, tents, static aircraft and so forth to make the show a lively environment in which to fly! Submit your favourite aerobatic events, flight programs or airport populations to us and invite the world out there to take part in "your airshow event".


A comprehensive 76-page full-colour printed manual is included to ensure your flying reaches new heights!

System Requirements:

  1. Flight Simulator X SP2 (Acceleration & DirectX 10 Preview compatible)
  2. 3.0Ghz or any dual core
  3. 1.0Gb RAM
  4. 512Mb graphics card
  5. Windows 7, Vista or XP with .NET Framework 2.0 (or higher) installed
  6. 100Mb hard drive space
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