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AJ-2 Savage for FSX

AJ-2 Savage for FSX

AJ-2 Savage for FSX

In the period following World War II, as the Cold War began to heat up, the U.S. Navy's requirement for a long-range attack aircraft, large enough to carry a nuclear weapon and capable of operating from the decks of aircraft carriers, resulted in the North American AJ Savage. At that time, there appeared to be some merit in providing both piston engines and jet engines in a single airframe as an all-jet fleet was not yet a reality. It was the largest twin-engine Heavy Attack aircraft to ever operate from U.S. Navy carriers during the late 1940s and early 50s. The Savage was built as a nuclear attack bomber, but also served as a reconnaissance aircraft and refuelling tanker. By the early 1960s, AJ Savages were replaced by the all-jet A-3 Skywarrior.

*** For FSX only ***


THREE models and FIVE liveries :

AJ-2B, VC-6, USS Yorktown, 1954
VAH-7, USS Forrestal, 1956
VAH-7, NAS Sanford, FL, 1958
VJ-62, NAS Sanford, FL, 1954
VAP-61, Guam, 1956

  • Bomber, refuelling tanker and photo reconaissance (AJ-2P) variants included.
  • detailed virtual cockpit with gauges, controls and night lighting.
  • bump-mapped 2048-pixel texture sets.
  • very high quality native FSX models.
  • accurately modelled and working catapult bridle and holdback assemblies (FSX Acceleration req'd for this).
  • animated dorsal intake, crew doors, crew, tailhook, bomb bay doors, folding wings/tail and hose/drogue refuelling system.
  • togglable realistic crew figures with accurate period flight gear.
  • animated, featherable propeller blades.
  • 3-engine prop/jet soundset.
  • PhotoShop paintkit files provided.
  • Note - NO 2D panel is provided.
  • 28-page PDF illustrated user manual in .pdf format
SIZE (Mb) 51.2
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